Origin: Liverpool, England
Genres: Thrash Metal

Short Sharp Shock  

SSS (or Short Sharp Shock, the band goes by both name and initials interchangeably) is riding the retro thrash craze that is booming worldwide at the moment. Most of the others doing this right now are squarely in the Exodus or early Metallica style, but these guys are somewhat more aligned with the old 80's crossover style, due mostly to Foxy's punky vocals as well as a more frenetic, slightly looser feel and a lot of short songs (many under two minutes). The guitars are raw, with that underproduced yet razor-sharp sound that just makes every song that much better. Earache seems to be driving the thrash revival bandwagon, having recently signed Evile and Bonded By Blood along with this mob. Keep an eye on these guys.

Current Members



Stu Taylor


Mark Magill


Dave Archer


Former Members/Guests

Pete Broom


Dave Ferguson



2006 Dead And Gone
  1. CDC
  2. Bath Night
  3. Thrash With A Small Moustache
  4. Black Night White Light
  • Foxy
  • Pete Broom
  • Mark Magill
  • Dave Ferguson

Short Sharp Shock 
2006 Dead And Gone
  1. Quiet Before the Storm
  2. Warhorse
  3. New Dogs
  4. The Answer is Never
  5. Damaged Goods
  6. Overload
  7. Monster
  8. SSS
  9. Gearin' Up For Gettin' Down
  10. The Beast
  11. Last Man Standing
  12. Hallowed Grey
  13. Oj Skyrkts
  14. Lbp
  15. Son of a Beast
  16. I'm Sick
  17. Black Night White Light
  • Foxy
  • Pete Broom
  • Mark Magill
  • Dave Ferguson

The Dividing Line 
2008 Earache
  1. The Dividing Line
  2. Oil And Water
  3. The Bastard Stench
  4. Waiting Game
  5. Toxic Bee
  6. Thrash With A Small Moustache
  7. Can't Burst The Bubble
  8. Bored
  9. Invertebrate
  10. Purple Reign
  11. Hammerhead
  12. Sk8+Destroy
  13. Ride The Best - Fuck The Rest
  14. Flick The Switch
  15. Time's Up
  16. Street Leech
  17. Cherry Island
  18. 06
  19. Last Defence
  20. Unrest In The Northwest
  • Foxy
  • Pete Broom
  • Mark Magill
  • Dave Ferguson

Problems To The Answer 
2011 Earache
  1. The Kill Floor
  2. Out the Loop
  3. Birdshit
  4. Laughing Leads to Crying
  5. White Bread
  6. Eat Me, Drink Me? Burn Me
  7. Foreign Body Plot
  8. Roar
  9. Sick Pleasures
  10. Direct Action
  11. What Would Cards Do
  12. Man against Man
  13. Tales out of School
  14. Rats Nest
  15. Cathode Control
  16. Painting by Numbers
  17. Quick Fix
  18. Future Primitive
  19. Trapped inside Two States of Mind
  20. Politics of Convenience
  21. Here Comes the Neighborhood
  22. Deep Sleep
  23. Speed Freaks
  24. Dismantle the Dream
  25. Strangenotes
  • Foxy
  • Pete Broom
  • Mark Magill
  • Dave Ferguson

(EP) Manipulated Living 
2013 Prosthetic
  1. For Your Own Good
  2. The Sleeper Awakes
  3. Beige


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