Origin: Germany
Genres: Black Metal
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Secrets Of The Moon  

Secrets Of The Moon have been around since 1995, founded by Daevus around the time his previous band, Martyrium, broke up. Their discography is a bit of everything, from demos to splits to a few full-length albums, most notably the newest, 2006's Antithesis. This is prime modern black metal, drawing on some familiar influences (at times, recent Satyricon or Isa-era Enslaved can be heard) while at the same time forging their own sound. German black metal doesn't get a lot of publicity and this band in particular has relatively unknown despite being around for more than a decade, but on the strength of Antithesis, they deserve much better.

Current Members

S. Golden (Philipp Jonas)


Ar (Michael Zech)


Naamah Ash (Marta LLedo)




Former Members/Guests

Daevas (Lars Plegge)




LSK (Marianne Séjourné)

bass RIP: October 24, 2013, suicide, age 36

T. Thelemnar (Jörg Heemann)



Stronghold Of The Inviolables 
2001 Cicatrix
  1. Inverted Kaos Principles
  2. Praise The Kaos
  3. Asleep
  4. His Fire/My Flame
  5. Nemesis
  6. The Rite Of Mercury
  7. Moonstruck

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De Musica Mundana  COMPILATION
  1. Through Golden Spheres
  2. Orion In Wintersky
  3. Screams Of Anguish
  4. Saila
  5. My Life For Yours
  6. Fanatica
  7. Leichengott
  8. Under a Funeral Moon (Live Darkthrone Cover)
  9. Leichengott (Live)

Live In Bitterfield 2001 
2002 Arcana
  1. Intro
  2. Nemesis
  3. Praise The Kaos
  4. To The Ultimate Embers And Ash
  5. Kaosthrone (Destroy To Create)
  6. Fanatica
  7. Caller Of The Moon
  8. Condemnation (Of The Inferiority)
  9. My Life Is Yours
  10. Under A Funeral Moon (Darkthrone Cover)

Carved In Stigmata Wounds 
2004 Lupus Lounge
  1. Crowns
  2. Cosmogenesis
  3. Miasma
  4. Psychoccult Hymn
  5. To The Ultimate Embers And Ash
  6. Kaosthrone
  7. Evolution Valour Admission
  8. Epoch
  9. Carved In Stigmata Wounds
  10. Dust
  • Daevas
  • S. Golden
  • T. Thelemnar

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(EP) The Exhibitions 
2005 Lupus Lounge
  1. Bleakstar
  2. Exhibitions In The Grey Zone
  3. Under A Funeral Moon (Darkthrone cover)
  • Daevas
  • S. Golden
  • A.D.
  • T. Thelemnar

2006 Lupus Lounge
  1. Nowhere 18
  2. Versus
  3. Ordinance
  4. Confessions
  5. Metamorphoses
  6. Ghost
  7. Seraphim Is Dead
  8. Lucifer Speaks
  9. Exit
  • Daevas
  • S. Golden
  • A.D.
  • T. Thelemnar

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2009 Prophecy
  • Daevas
  • S. Golden
  • LSK
  • T. Thelemnar

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(EP) The Ambience Of A Dead Star 
2010 Lupus Lounge
  • S. Golden
  • Ar
  • LSK
  • T. Thelemnar

Seven Bells 
2012 Lupus Lounge
  1. Seven Bells
  2. Goathead
  3. Serpent Messiah
  4. Blood Into Wine
  5. Worship
  6. Nyx
  7. The Three Beggars
  • S. Golden
  • Ar
  • T. Thelemnar

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2015 Lupus Lounge
  1. No More Colours
  2. Dirty Black
  3. Man Behind the Sun
  4. Hole
  5. Here Lies the Sun
  6. I Took the Sky Away
  7. Mark of Cain
  • S. Golden
  • Ar
  • Naamah Ash
  • Erebor

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