Origin: Austria
Genres: Black Metal, Folk Metal
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Another in a growing number of bands named after J.R.R. Tolkien characters/places, Rivendell is a one-man Austrian band playing mid-paced folky black metal, sounding somewhat like a cross between Moonsorrow and Falkenbach (coincidentally or not, Falkenbach is also a one-man black metal band, and its founder runs the record label that Rivendell was signed to). The Ancient Glory, released in 2000, is a decent first effort, affording a majestic air at its best while a bit plodding and pedestrian at its worst. Two albums have been released since Glory, the latest being Farewell - The Last Dawn, in 2005.

Current Members


vocals/all instruments


The Ancient Glory 
2000 Skaldic Art
  1. Intro
  2. The King Beneath The Mountains
  3. Malbeth The Seer's Words
  4. The Song Of Nimrodel: Part I
  5. The Song Of Nimrodel: Part II
  6. Durin's Halls
  7. Theoden
  8. Aragorn Son Of Arathorn
  • Falagar

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Elven Tears 
2003 Skaldic Art
  1. Vale of Illusion
  2. The Song of Eldamar
  3. Misty Mountains
  4. Mithrandir
  5. The Fall of Finrod
  6. Dragon's Lair
  7. The King's Triumph
  8. Luthien
  • Falagar

Farewell - The Last Dawn 
2005 Perverted T.
  1. Rivendell
  2. The Fall Of Gil-Galad
  3. The Old Walking Song
  4. Eärendil
  5. A Drinking Song
  6. Back To Lands We Once Did Know
  7. Tinúviel
  • Falagar


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