Origin: Dallas, TX, USA
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Rigor Mortis  

By 1988 thrash metal was quite popular in the United States, and thus bands like Rigor Mortis benefitted, by being signed to major labels. Rigor Mortis (the album) is competant, energetic thrash, but somewhat samey in its approach (particularly in the vocal department), while the succeeding releases moved a bit more in the speed metal (Freaks) and hardcore (Vs. The Earth) directions. The band never seemed to rise above cult-level status, which no doubt contributed to their breaking up in the early nineties, with guitarist Mike Scaccia and bassist Casey later seen in bigger bands (Ministry and Gwar, respectively). A decade or so later the trio of Scaccia, Orr, and drummer Harden Harrison reunited, and original vocalist Bruce Corbitt jumped on board as well. Recordings commenced in 2012, but Scaccia's unfortunate passing put a hold on releasing the album. That album, Slaves To The Grave, eventually did get released in 2014, but the band is now officially done.

Current Members

Bruce Corbitt

vocals (Warbeast)

Mike Scaccia

guitars (ex-Ministry) RIP: December 22, 2012, heart disease, age 47

Casey Orr

bass (ex-Gwar, ex-Ministry, Speedealer)

Harden Harrison

drums (Mitra, Speedealer)

Former Members/Guests

Doyle Bright

vocals (Hallows Eve)


Rigor Mortis 
1988 Capitol
  1. Welcome To Your Funeral
  2. Demons
  3. Bodily Dismemberment
  4. Condemned To Hell
  5. Wizard Of Gore
  6. Shroud Of Gloom
  7. Die In Pain
  8. Vampire
  9. Re-Animator
  • Bruce Corbitt
  • Mike Scaccia
  • Casey Orr
  • Harden Harrison

(EP) Freaks 
1989 Metal Blade
  1. Freaks
  2. Cattle Mutilation
  3. The Hunted
  4. Six Feet Under/Worms of the Earth
  5. Chained in the Attic
  • Doyle Bright
  • Mike Scaccia
  • Casey Orr
  • Harden Harrison

Rigor Mortis vs. The Earth 
1991 TripleX
  1. Dying in My Sleep
  2. Mummified
  3. Throwback
  4. Contagious Contamination
  5. The Rack
  6. Psycho Therapy
  7. City in Fear
  8. Asphyxia
  9. Dead Fish
  10. SOG
  11. Speedwhore
  12. Afterbirth of a Midget (S.Y.G.D.P.)
  • Doyle Bright
  • Mike Scaccia
  • Casey Orr
  • Harden Harrison

Slaves To The Grave 
2014 self-released
  1. Poltergeist
  2. Rain of Ruin
  3. Flesh for Flies
  4. The Infected
  5. Blood Bath
  6. Ancient Horror
  7. Fragrance of Corpse
  8. Curse of the Draugr
  9. Sacramentum Gladiatorum
  10. Lududs Magnus
  • Bruce Corbitt
  • Mike Scaccia
  • Casey Orr
  • Harden Harrison

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