Origin: Sweden
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Raise Hell  

Raise Hell formed in 1995, and having gone through the usual lineup and name changes (they recorded their only demo as In Cold Blood, and in fact they didn't switch the name until just before the first album's release), have released three albums thus far. Musically, Raise Hell is most influence by prime thrash, though with a modern feel due to the hefty, thick guitar tone and the somewhat throaty vocals of Jonas Nilsson. Not quite in a league of their own, but a capable and recommended thrash band in their own right.

Current Members

Jimmy Fjallendahl


Jonas Nilsson


Niklas Sjöström


Dennis Ekdahl

drums (ex-Mystic Prophecy, Siebenburgen, Thyrfing)

Former Members/Guests

Torstein Wickberg



Holy Target 
1998 Nuclear Blast
  1. The March Of Devil’s Soldiers
  2. Raise The Dead
  3. Beautiful As Fire
  4. Holy Target
  5. Legions Of Creeps
  6. The Red Ripper
  7. Black Visions
  8. Mattered Out
  9. Superior Powers
  • Jonas Nilsson
  • Torstein Wickberg
  • Niklas Sjöström
  • Dennis Ekdahl

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Not Dead Yet 
2000 Nuclear Blast
  1. Dance With The Devil
  2. Babes
  3. Back Attack
  4. Devilyn
  5. Not Dead Yet
  6. No Puls
  7. User Of Poison
  8. He Is Coming
  9. Soulcollector
  • Jonas Nilsson
  • Torstein Wickberg
  • Niklas Sjöström
  • Dennis Ekdahl

Wicked Is My Game 
2002 Nuclear Blast
  1. Hellborn
  2. Nightwatcher
  3. The Haunted House
  4. Wicked Is My Game
  5. In My Cell
  6. Another Side
  7. Death Race
  8. Devil May Care
  9. Destiny Deceiver
  • Jonas Nilsson
  • Torstein Wickberg
  • Niklas Sjöström
  • Dennis Ekdahl

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City Of The Damned 
2006 Black Lodge
  1. Devils Station
  2. City Of The Damned
  3. Like Clowns We Crawl
  4. Reapers Calling
  5. Open Your Mind
  6. Ghost I Carry
  7. My Shadow
  8. To The Gallows
  9. I
  10. Rising
  • Jimmy Fjallendahl
  • Jonas Nilsson
  • Niklas Sjöström
  • Dennis Ekdahl

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Written In Blood 
2015 Black Lodge
  1. Dr. Death
  2. Six Feet Under
  3. Fallen Domination
  4. Demon Mind
  5. A Blackened Resurrection
  6. The Bell of the Reaper
  7. We Arise
  8. Thank You God
  9. In Cold Blood
  10. Final Hour


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