Origin: Vienna, Austria
Genres: Death Metal
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Pungent Stench  

Formed in 1988, Pungent Stench has long been revered in the death metal underground for their irreverent take on the world, featuring darkly humorous over-the-top lyrics and album covers (check out the cover of Dirty Rhymes that would do the Mentors proud). They broke up in 1995, but two of the three original members decided to bring the band back together, and armed with a new bassist, they were back in business in 1999, with their latest, Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin, released in 2001. Leader Martin Schirenc also is in charge of the highly recommended avant-garde metal band Hollenthon.

Due to various differences between Schirenc and the other members, the band has apparently called it quits. Schirenc has announced his intention to release a final album, one that was in the works (or possibly completed) before the breakup.

Current Members

Martin Schirenc

vocals/guitars (Hollenthon)

Fabio Testi


Alex Wank


Former Members/Guests

Jacek Perkowski


Marius (Mario Klausner)

bass (ex-Belphegor)


(EP) Extreme Deformity 
1989 Nuclear Blast
  1. Extreme Deformity
  2. Mucous Secretion
  3. Molecular Disembowelment
  • Martin Schirenc
  • Jacek Perkowski
  • Alex Wank

For God Your Soul ... For Me Your Flesh 
1990 Nuclear Blast
  1. Intro (Extreme Deformity)
  2. Hypnos
  3. For God Your Soul...For Me Your Flesh
  4. Just Let Me Rot
  5. Pungent Stench
  6. Bonesawer
  7. Embalmed In Sulphuric Acid
  8. Blood,Pus & Gastric Juice
  9. Suspended Animation
  10. A Small Lunch
  • Martin Schirenc
  • Jacek Perkowski
  • Alex Wank

Been Caught Buttering 
1991 Nuclear Blast
  1. Shrunken & Mummified Bitch
  2. Happy Re-Birthday
  3. Games Of Humiliation
  4. S.M.A.S.H.
  5. Brainpan Blues
  6. And Only Hunger Remains
  7. Sputter Supper
  8. Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation
  9. Splatterday Night Fever
  • Martin Schirenc
  • Jacek Perkowski
  • Alex Wank

Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats 
1993 Nuclear Blast
  1. Praise The Names Of The Musical Assassins
  2. Viva La Muerte
  3. Why Can The Bodies Fly
  4. Blood,Pus & Gastrick Juice (Rare-Groove-Mix)
  5. Horny Little Piggy Bank
  6. Four `F` Club
  7. Blood,Pus & Gastrick Juice (Tekkno-House-Mix)
  8. Choked Just For A Joke
  • Martin Schirenc
  • Jacek Perkowski
  • Alex Wank

Club Mondo Bizzare - For Members Only 
1994 Nuclear Blast
  1. True Life
  2. Klyster Boogie
  3. Choked Just For A Joke
  4. Hydrocephalus
  5. I'm A Family Man
  6. Treatment Of Pain
  7. In The Search Of The Perfect Torture
  8. Practice Suicide
  9. Fuck Bizzare
  10. Rape - Parar Conla Misma Moneda
  • Martin Schirenc
  • Jacek Perkowski
  • Alex Wank

Praise The Names Of The Musical Assassins 
1997 Nuclear Blast
  1. Pulsating Protoplasma
  2. Dead Body Love
  3. Miscarriage
  4. In the Vault
  5. Rip You Without Care
  6. Festered Offals
  7. Pungent Stench
  8. Extreme Deformity
  9. Mucous Secretion
  10. Molecular Disembowlment
  11. The Ballad of Mangled Homeboys
  12. Daddy Cruel
  13. Tony
  14. Madcatmachopsychodromantik
  15. Extreme Deformity
  16. Festered Offals
  17. Pulsating Protoplasma
  18. Pungent Stench
  19. Embalmed in Sulphuric Acid

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Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin 
2001 Nuclear Blast
  1. Loot, Shoot, Electrocute
  2. School's Out Forever
  3. Diary of a Nurse
  4. The Convent of Sin
  5. Rex Paedophilus
  6. Retaliation
  7. Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me
  8. Viva Il Vaticano
  9. Mortuary Love Affair
  10. The Testament of Stench
  • Martin Schirenc
  • Marius
  • Alex Wank

2004 Nuclear Blast
  1. Lynndie (She-Wolf Of Abu Ghraib)
  2. Invisible Empire
  3. The Amp Hymn
  4. The Passion Of Lucifer
  5. Got Milf?
  6. Human Garbage
  7. Apotemnophiliac
  8. No Guts, No Glory
  9. Same Shift - Different Asshole
  10. Fear The Grand Inquisitor
  • Martin Schirenc
  • Fabio Testi
  • Alex Wank


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