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Post Mortem  

Post Mortem released a poorly produced album and EP that at times sounded like early death metal and other times reminded me of St. Vitus. I had presumed the band dead after that, but recently I saw a new (well, 1993) album called Destined For Failure by the very same band. I didn't buy it, but I did verify that three members are the same as those listed below, so it is indeed the same band. I have been told the newer stuff is somewhat similar in style.

Current Members

John McCarthy

vocals RIP: January 2009

John Alexander


Mark Kelley


Rick McIver



Coroner's Office 
1986 New Renaissance
  1. Armies of the dead
  2. Waiting for the funeral
  3. Ready to die
  4. No time
  5. Concealed
  6. Just a thought
  7. Syncopated jazz
  8. Soupy sales
  9. Coroner`s office
  10. Death to the masses
  11. I want to die
  12. Run amok

(EP) The Missing Link 
1987 New Renaissance

Destined For Failure 
1993 Red Light
  1. Loose stool
  2. Pickle bucket
  3. I like pinball & pool, i work in an arcade during the summer
  4. Pigeon boy waiting
  5. Dazzle me with your knowledge of the fine arts
  6. The skills
  7. Father knows less
  8. Winner`s circle
  9. Last day at the arboretum

Festival Of Fun 
1994 Red Light
  1. Meathook
  2. Take some drugs
  3. Potato plantation
  4. Cancer breath
  5. Everybody loves the fish
  6. Uncle Walter
  7. Quincy
  8. Progeria
  9. Maggots
  10. The mystery behind higgins head
  11. Big small not at all
  12. Satisifed daddy
  13. Phony baldness cures
  14. Sallin daddy
  15. Burnt beyond recognition (part II)
  16. A friend of the family
  17. The gift of life
  18. Terminus


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