Origin: Germany

Phantom Lord  

Though there are more recent bands with the name Phantom Lord, this version was an obscure group (at the time, presumed to be German) whose selft-titled debut album crossed early Metallica with shades of NWOBHM, though the result isn't as promising as the description might suggest. Messy and poorly produced, Phantom Lord was a forgettable album, and though a second album was released, the band never amounted to much and faded away soon enough.

It was later revealed that this was a side project for former Virgin Steele guitarist Jack Starr. The second album listed the correct lineup (shown below), while the first album listed fake German names.

Current Members

John Leone

vocals () RIP: 1994

Jack Starr

guitars (Burning Starr, , Guardians Of The Flame, )

Steve Price


Ned Meloni

bass (Burning Starr, , Guardians Of The Flame)

Joe Hasselvander

drums (, Black Manta, , Guardians Of The Flame, , Raven)


Phantom Lord 
1985 Pentagram
  1. Live Fast, Rock Hard
  2. Mad Bash
  3. Hang Tough
  4. I'm In H.E.A.T.
  5. Mach Ten
  6. Speed Kills
  7. Fight The Thunder
  8. Phantom Lord
  9. White Fire
  • John Leone
  • Jack Starr
  • Steve Price
  • Ned Meloni
  • Joe Hasselvander

Evil Never Sleeps 
1986 LSR
  1. Speed Demons
  2. Highway Of Death
  3. Call Of The Wild
  4. Battle Zone
  5. Evil Never Sleeps
  6. Mercy Killer
  7. Wicked World
  8. Avenging Angels
  • John Leone
  • Jack Starr
  • Steve Price
  • Ned Meloni
  • Joe Hasselvander


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