Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Genres: Hard Rock

Phantom Blue  

Phantom Blue was a moderately successful all-female rock/metal band that debuted in 1989 on Shrapnel Records. Though that album got some good press and fan support, they never really managed to build on it, instead struggling through the nineties and sporadically releasing albums with differing lineups before disbanding around 1999. At various times they were tagged a hair metal band, which they didn't like (and the music, at least on the debut, didn't back that up either). Guitarist Michelle Meldrum later formed her own band, Meldrum, before sadly passing away in 2008.

Current Members

Lucienne Thomas


Josephine Soegijanty


Tina Wood


Mary Jo Godges


Linda McDonald


Former Members/Guests

Gigi Hangach


Michelle Meldrum

guitars RIP: May 21, 2008, brain cyst

Nicole Couch


Karen Kreutzer


Kim Nielsen


Dyna Shirasaki



Phantom Blue 
1989 Roadrunner
  1. Going Mad
  2. Last Shot
  3. Why Call it Love
  4. Frantic Zone
  5. Slow it Down
  6. Walking Away
  7. Fought it Out
  8. Never Too Late
  9. Out of Control
  • Gigi Hangach
  • Michelle Meldrum
  • Nicole Couch
  • Kim Nielsen
  • Linda McDonald

Built To Perform 
1993 Geffen
  1. Nothing Good
  2. Time to Run
  3. Bad Reputation
  4. My Misery
  5. Little Man
  6. Better Off Dead
  7. Anti-Love Crunch
  8. Loved Ya to Pieces
  9. So Easy
  10. Lied to Me
  11. A Little Evil
  12. You're Free
  • Gigi Hangach
  • Michelle Meldrum
  • Karen Kreutzer
  • Kim Nielsen
  • Linda McDonald

Prime Cuts & Glazed Donuts 
1995 Shrapnel
  1. My Brain Hurts a Lot
  2. Strange Blue Mercy
  3. Fairies Wear Boots
  4. Bad Dreams
  5. Strange War
  6. Hangin' On
  7. Say a Little Prayer
  8. You're Not Alone
  9. In the Likes of You
  10. Mutha
  11. Strike Me Down
  12. Caught in the Fire
  13. Slow Suicide
  14. Saturday Morning Brain Damage
  • Gigi Hangach
  • Michelle Meldrum
  • Nicole Couch
  • Kim Nielsen
  • Linda McDonald

Caught Live 
1997 DRZ
  1. Anti-Love Crunch
  2. Bad Reputation
  3. Little Man
  4. Strange War
  5. In the Likes of You
  6. Move Over
  7. Satu Saju
  8. Bleeding from Nowhere
  9. Fairies Wear Boots
  10. Violin Song
  11. Going Mad
  • Gigi Hangach
  • Josephine Soegijanty
  • Tina Wood
  • Dyna Shirasaki
  • Linda McDonald

(EP) Full Blown 
1998 DRZ
  1. I'm so Happy
  2. Cookie
  3. My Turn
  4. Chance on You
  5. Turnaround
  • Lucienne Thomas
  • Josephine Soegijanty
  • Tina Wood
  • Mary Jo Godges
  • Linda McDonald


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