Origin: Germany
Genres: Thrash Metal
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The German band Paradox formed in the mid-eighties and released two thrash albums in that era, the first (Product Of Imagination) a rather pedestrian affair that clearly showed early Metallica influences, and the second (Heresy) improving the songwriting significantly while still remaining in the thrash realm. The band disappeared for almost a decade, until guitarist Charly Steinhauer brought together a new lineup, releasing Collision Course in 2000. The band again went quiet after that, with scattered reports of lineup shifts and the like, as well as news that Steinhauer was going to give up singing for medical reasons, but a new (November 2005) report was released, announcing a new lineup (with Steinhauer still singing) that will play live in early 2006.

Current Members

Charly Steinhauer


Christian Münzner

guitars (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Obscura, Spawn Of Possession)

Olly Keller


Daniel Buld


Former Members/Guests

Markus Spyth

lead guitar

Kai Pasemann

guitars (ex-Declaration Of Dependence)

Roland Stahl


Matthias Schmidt


Oliver Holzwarth

bass (Blind Guardian, Coldseed, Rhapsody Of Fire, ex-Sieges Even)

Axel Blaha


Alex Holzwarth

drums (ex-Angra, ex-Avantasia, Dol Ammad, ex-Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Rhapsody Of Fire, ex-Sieges Even)

Roland Jahoda



Product Of Imagination 
1987 Roadrunner
  1. Opening Theme
  2. Paradox
  3. Death, Screaming and Pain
  4. Product of Imagination
  5. Continuation of Invasion
  6. Mystery
  7. Kill That Beast
  8. Pray to the Godz of Wrath
  9. Beyond Space
  10. Wotan II
  • Charly Steinhauer
  • Markus Spyth
  • Roland Stahl
  • Axel Blaha

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

1989 Roadrunner
  1. Heresy
  2. Search for Perfection
  3. Killtime
  4. Crusaders Revenge
  5. The Burning
  6. Massacre of the Cathars
  7. Serenity
  8. 700 Years On
  9. Castle in the Wind
  • Charly Steinhauer
  • Markus Spyth
  • Matthias Schmidt
  • Axel Blaha

Collision Course 
2000 AFM
  1. Decade of Sorrow
  2. Collision Course
  3. Rearrange the Past
  4. Path of Denial
  5. Savior
  6. Blamed for Nothing
  7. Prostitution of Society
  8. Shattered Illusions
  9. Sadness
  10. Overshadowed
  11. Dynamite
  • Charly Steinhauer
  • Kai Pasemann
  • Oliver Holzwarth
  • Alex Holzwarth

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

2008 AFM
  1. Second Over Third By Force
  2. Paralyzed
  3. Monument
  4. Portrait In Grey
  5. Hyperspeed Hallucinations
  6. Bridge To Silence
  7. Disconnected
  8. Cyberspace Romance
  9. Electrify
  • Charly Steinhauer
  • Kai Pasemann
  • Olly Keller
  • Roland Jahoda

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Riot Squad 
  1. Suburban Riot Squad
  2. Hollow Peace
  3. Riptide
  4. Rise in Rank
  5. Evolution Reset
  6. Nothingness
  7. No Place to Survive
  8. Dream Hero
  9. Planet Terror
  10. Psychofficial
  • Charly Steinhauer
  • Kai Pasemann
  • Olly Keller
  • Roland Jahoda

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Underground  Metal Observer 

Tales Of The Weird 
2012 AFM
  1. Tales Of The Weird
  2. Day Of Judgement
  3. Brutalized
  4. Fragile Alliance
  5. Slashdead
  6. Drowning In Lies
  7. Zeitgeist
  8. Escalation
  9. Brainwashed
  10. The Downward Spiral
  11. A Light In The Black (Japanese bonus track)
  • Charly Steinhauer
  • Christian Münzner
  • Olly Keller
  • Daniel Buld


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