Origin: Dale City, VA, USA
Genres: Instrumental, Industrial
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Project: Failing Flesh  

Project: Failing Flesh was formed by a pair of Virginian metallist brothers by the names of Tim Gutierrez and Kevin 131, (the latter of whom has made his mark as a producer and engineer of bands such as While Heaven Wept and Twisted Tower Dire), the duo joined by former Voivod vocalist Eric Forrest to complete the group. The band's debut effort, A Beautiful Sickness, was recorded in 2003 and was released independently by the band in a limited form before Karmageddon Media wisely signed them up and properly released the album in 2004. A Beautiful Sickness is a scorcher, mixing a bit of industrial metal, some mid-paced thrash, some Voivod-style weirdness, unexpected touches such as a twisted violin solo, and more, with a style all their own. Their cover of Venom's "Warhead" is one of the best metal cover songs in some time, but their own material is simply fantastic. A huge recommendation to extreme metal fans.

Current Members

Eric Forrest

vocals (E-Force, ex-Voivod)

Tim Gutierrez

all instruments

Kevin 131 (Kevin Gutierrez)

all instruments


A Beautiful Sickness 
2004 Karmageddon Media
  1. A Beautiful Sickness
  2. Planet Dead
  3. 9mm Movie
  4. Scene of the Crime
  5. Entrance Wound
  6. Long Silent Voices
  7. Dementia Pugilistica
  8. Taste of the Lie
  9. Highwire Act
  10. Warhead
  • Eric Forrest
  • Tim Gutierrez
  • Kevin 131
2004 BNR Top Ten album

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The Conjoined 
2007 Burning Star
  1. Final Act of Treachery
  2. Through the Broken Lens
  3. Regenerate
  4. The Conjoined
  5. Motionless
  6. Unsight Unseen
  7. Eve of Demise
  8. Synesthesia
  9. Second Impact Syndrome
  10. Surface Noise
  11. The Hand That You've Been Dealt
  • Eric Forrest
  • Tim Gutierrez
  • Kevin 131

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Count Back From Ten 
  1. Count Back From Ten
  2. White Light Response
  3. Inanimate Objects
  4. Lose Lose Situation
  5. Irrelevant Thoughts (Prong Cover)
  6. Patient Zero
  7. The Potential To...
  8. Percussion Fracture
  9. Cadence
  10. The Void Between The Skin And Bone
  • Eric Forrest
  • Tim Gutierrez
  • Kevin 131

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