Origin: NJ, USA
Genres: 80's Metal
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Overlorde was one of countless indie metal bands that sprouted up in the US in the eighties, forming in New Jersey in 1985. By 1987 they managed to put out a 5-track self-financed EP, simply entitled Overlorde. It got some favorable reviews, but a year later the band broke up. In the intervening years, the members kept in touch, and realizing that there was still interest in the band, decided to reform in 2000, with the original founding trio intact along with new vocalist Bobby Lucas, one of several fine singers that have formerly sung for Seven Witches. With a new demo receiving more great reviews, they recorded a new album, Return Of The Snow Giant, in late 2004. This is very much an 80's-styled album with modern production values, a solid choice for those into the good old days of classic American 80's metal.

Current Members

Bobby Lucas

vocals (Attacker, ex-Seven Witches)

Mark Edwards

guitars (ex-3rd Stage Alert, ex-Burning Starr, ex-Steeler)

John Bunucci


Dave Wrenn


Former Members/Guests

Pat O'Donnell



(EP) Overlorde 
1987 Strike Zone
  1. Snow Giant
  2. The Masque Of The Red Death
  3. Overlorde
  4. The Longest Day
  5. Time Machine
  • Pat O'Donnell
  • Mark Edwards
  • John Bunucci
  • Dave Wrenn

Return Of The Snow Giant 
2004 Sonic Age
  1. And the Battle Begins...
  2. Snow Giant
  3. Hell Hath No Fury
  4. Starcastle
  5. When He Comes
  6. Metallic Madness
  7. Blackness
  8. Ogre Wizard
  9. Mark of the Wolf
  10. My Disease
  11. Trapped by Magic
  12. Colossus (Island of the Cyclops)
  13. Overlorde
  • Bobby Lucas
  • Mark Edwards
  • John Bunucci
  • Dave Wrenn

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Observer 


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