Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Genres: Nu-Metal
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Led by vocalist Otep Shamaya, the nu-metal band Otep scored big on the 2001 Ozzfest tour, which resulted in a contract with Capitol Records and eventually their first full-length album, Sevas Tra. Shamaya is one of those aggressively charismatic, emotionally charged, leather-lunged female singers, following in the footsteps of Karyn Crisis (Crisis) and Dawn Crosby (Fear Of God), able to roar with the best of them but also able to reveal her softer side, employing a variety of vocal styles in the process. She's the star here, but not the only reason to listen to the band, as there are plenty of crushing down-tuned guitar/bass riffs to take in as well, the band mixing subtlety and power as well as anyone (witness "Jonestown Tea" for a prime example). Otep is one of the more inventive nu-metal bands playing today, and it will be interesting to see how they develop their style on future albums.

Their latest album, The Ascension, has been completed and was slated for a March 2007 release, but that release has been delayed due to corporate issues at Capitol Records.

Current Members

Otep Shamaya


Ari Mihalopoulos


Corey Wolford


Justin Kier


Former Members/Guests

Tarver Marsh


Spooky (Dave Aguilera)


Rob Patterson


Lee Rios


Karma Cheema

guitars (American Head Charge)

Rani Sharone (guest)

guitars (Stolen Babies)

Markus Estrada (guest)


Evil J (Jason McGuire)


Eric Tisinger


Collyn McCoy


Moke (Mark Bistany)

drums (ex-Impellitteri)

Doug Pellerin


Brian Wolff


Gil Sharone (guest)

drums (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, Marilyn Manson, Stolen Babies)

Chase Brickenden

drums (Butcher Babies)


(EP) Jihad 
  1. Possession
  2. The Lord Is Our Weapon
  3. Germ
  4. Fillthee
  5. T.R.I.C.
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Tarver Marsh
  • Spooky
  • Evil J
  • Moke

Sevas Tra 
2002 Capitol
  1. Tortured
  2. Blood Pigs
  3. T.R.I.C.
  4. My Confession
  5. Sacrilege
  6. Battle Ready
  7. Emtee
  8. Possession
  9. Thots
  10. Filthee
  11. Menocide
  12. Jonestown Tea
  13. Hidden Track
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Rob Patterson
  • Evil J
  • Moke

House Of Secrets 
2004 Capitol
  1. Requiem
  2. Warhead
  3. Buried Alive
  4. Sepsis
  5. House of Secrets
  6. Hooks and Splinters
  7. Gutter
  8. Autopsy Song
  9. Suicide Trees
  10. Nein
  11. Self-Made
  12. Shattered Pieces
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Lee Rios
  • Evil J
  • Doug Pellerin

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2007 Capitol
  1. March Of The Martyrs
  2. Confrontation
  3. Perfectly Flawed
  4. Crooked Spoons
  5. Milk Of Regret
  6. Noose And Nail
  7. Ghostflowers
  8. Breed
  9. Eat The Children
  10. Invisible
  11. Home Grown
  12. Communion
  13. Andrenochrome Dreams
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Karma Cheema
  • Evil J
  • Brian Wolff

Smash The Control Machine 
2009 Victory
  1. Rise, Rebel, Resist
  2. Sweet Tooth
  3. Smash The Control Machine
  4. Head
  5. Numb And Dumb
  6. Oh, So Surreal
  7. Run For Cover
  8. Kisses & Kerosene
  9. Unveiled
  10. UR A WMN NOW
  11. Serv Asat
  12. Where The River Ends
  13. I Remember
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Rob Patterson
  • Evil J
  • Moke

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2011 Victory
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Rani Sharone
  • Markus Estrada
  • Gil Sharone

Sounds Like Armageddon  LIVE
2012 Victory
  1. Battle Ready
  2. Filthee
  3. Crooked Spoons
  4. Blood Pigs
  5. Confrontation
  6. My Confession
  7. Rise, Rebel, Resist
  8. T.R.I.C.
  9. Ghostflowers
  10. Fists Fall
  11. Breed
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Ari Mihalopoulos
  • Eric Tisinger
  • Chase Brickenden

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2013 Victory
  1. Rising
  2. Blowtorch Nightlight
  3. Seduce & Destroy
  4. Crush
  5. Hematopia
  6. Necromantic
  7. Quarantine
  8. Voyeur
  9. Apex Predator
  10. Feral Game
  11. Livestock
  12. Hag
  13. Theophagy
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Ari Mihalopoulos
  • Collyn McCoy

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Generation Doom 
2016 Napalm
  1. Zero
  2. Feeding Frenzy
  3. Lords Of War
  4. Royals (LORDE cover)
  5. In Cold Blood
  6. Down
  7. God Is A Gun
  8. Equal Rights, Equal Lefts
  9. No Color
  10. Lie
  11. Generation Doom
  12. On The Shore
  • Otep Shamaya
  • Ari Mihalopoulos
  • Corey Wolford
  • Justin Kier


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