Origin: Romania
Genres: Black Metal
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Negura Bunget  

Described by some as a Transylvanian metal band, Negura Bunget is one of a few Romanian bands making some headway outside their home country. Formed in 1995 initially as a duo, they have released four albums, with the album reviewed here being 2000's Maiastru Sfetnic. It's a pretty chaotic affair, featuring mid-paced, cold, cacophonous raw black metal, with rather distant typical black metal shrieks and a good ear for dissonant black melodies. The album is clearly rooted in old-school Norwegian black metal, though without the blast beats of that genre. There are occasional influences of (apparently) Romanian folklore, influences which reportedly are more developed on the followup album 'N Crugu Bradului. Negura Bunget isn't an entirely unique band, but they are a bit away from the norm, and an intriguing listen for black metal fans.

Current Members




vocals (Killer)



Inia Dinia


Negru (Gabriel Mafa)


Ageru Pamintului

percussion/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

Hupogrammos Disciple's (Edmond Karban)


Spurcatu (Sol Faur)





1998 BreathOfNight
  1. Blaznit
  2. Negrii
  3. In Miaz De Negru
  4. Din Afundul Adincului Nitrupat
  5. Pohvala Hula
  6. De Rece Singie
  7. Dupre Reci Imbre
  8. Vel Proclet
  • Hupogrammos Disciple's
  • Negru

(EP) Sala Molksa 
1998 Bestial
  1. Intro: Vint Da Rau Pin Valea Iadului
  2. Suier De Solomonar
  3. Sala Molksa - Channelling Through Art Immortal
  4. Din Afundul Adincului Intrupat
  5. Outro: Vint Da Rau
  • Hupogrammos Disciple's
  • Spurcatu
  • Negru

Maiastru Sfetnic 
2000 Bestial
  1. Vremea Locului Sortit
  2. In-Zvacnirea Apusului
  3. A Vint In Abis
  4. Al Locului
  5. Bruiestru
  6. Plecaciunea Mortii
  • Hupogrammos Disciple's
  • Spurcatu
  • Negru

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'N Crugu Bradului 
2002 Code666
  1. 'N Crugu Bradului I
  2. 'N Crugu Bradului II
  3. 'N Crugu Bradului III
  4. 'N Crugu Bradului IIII
  • Hupogrammos Disciple's
  • Spurcatu
  • Ursu
  • Negru

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(EP) Inarborat Kosmos 
2005 Code666
  1. Wordless Knowledge
  2. Cînt de Sursur
  3. Uprising Follow
  4. Vaiet
  • Hupogrammos Disciple's
  • Spurcatu
  • Negru

2006 Code666
  1. Ceasuri Rele
  2. Tesarul De Lumini
  3. Primul Om
  4. Cunoașterea Tăcută
  5. Inarborat
  6. Dedesuptul
  7. Norilor
  8. De Piatră
  9. Cel Din Urmă Vis
  10. Hora Soarelui
  11. Al Doilea Om

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2010 Lupus Lounge
  1. Vremea Locului Sortit
  2. În-Zvîcnirea Apusului
  3. A-Vînt în Abis
  4. Al Locului
  5. Bruiestru
  6. Plecaciunea Mortii
  7. A-Vînt în Abis (Acoustic Version)
  8. Plecaciunea Mortii (Acoustic Version)
  • Hupogrammos Disciple's
  • Spurcatu
  • Negru

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Virstele Pamintului 
2010 Code666
  1. Pamînt
  2. Dacia Hiperboreana
  3. Umbra
  4. Ochiul Inimii
  5. Chei De Roua
  6. Tara De Dincolo De Negura
  7. Jar
  8. Arborele Lumii
  9. Întoarcerea Amurgului
  • Corb
  • Spin
  • Gadinet
  • Inia Dinia
  • Negru
  • Ageru Pamintului

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Focul Viu  LIVE

Focul Viu 
2011 Lupus Lounge

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(EP) Poarta De Dincolo 
2011 Code666


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