Origin: Baltimore, MD, USA
Genres: Power Metal, Progressive Metal


A quality power/prog metal act, Mystic Force has toiled in the Baltimore area for several years, with their most recent album (their fourth, not counting a demo re-release) in 2000. Man Vs Machine is quite an accomplished affair, correctly described by others as a heavier Queensryche. For whatever reason they haven't attracted the attention of major indie metal labels, and as such they don't seem well known.

Current Members

William Wren

vocals (ex-Oracle)

Rich Davis


Keith Menser


Chris Lembach


Former Members/Guests

Bobby Hicks

vocals RIP: March 5, 2013, liver failure


Shipwrecked With The Wicked 
1990 Siegen
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Rich Davis
  • Keith Menser
  • Chris Lembach

Take Command (The Demo Years) 
  1. Take Command
  2. Awakened By The Dawn
  3. Immortal Souls
  4. Silent But Deadly
  5. Stagestruck
  6. Burn The Sky
  7. With Rank Comes Rule
  8. Dethroned
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Rich Davis
  • Keith Menser
  • Chris Lembach

Eternal Quest 
1991 Rising Sun
  1. Shipwrecked With The Wicked
  2. Divinity Within
  3. Another World
  4. Broken Heroes
  5. Answers Of The Mystery
  6. Temples Of Exile
  7. Premonitions
  8. Vicious Obsessions
  9. Reach For Tomorrow
  10. Structures Of Uncertainties
  11. Dimensions
  12. Eternal Quest
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Rich Davis
  • Keith Menser
  • Chris Lembach

A Step Beyond 
1995 Rising Sun
  1. The Conquest
  2. Closer To The Truth
  3. Second Chance
  4. A Step Beyond
  5. Feature Film
  6. Far Way
  7. Among Infinity
  8. Love Hates Love Desire
  9. The Innerchild
  10. Deadly Hunger
  11. Nothing Is Forever
  • Bobby Hicks
  • Rich Davis
  • Keith Menser
  • Chris Lembach

Man Vs. Machine 
2000 Siegen
  1. Idiosyncrasy
  2. Identical Strangers
  3. Circuitboard Ministry
  4. Mechanical
  5. Man Made Master
  6. One and Only
  7. Terminal
  8. Ladder or the Fall
  9. Suffering Minds
  10. Master of the Moments
  11. Thinking About Loud
  12. Transitions
  • William Wren
  • Rich Davis
  • Keith Menser
  • Chris Lembach


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