Origin: Canada
Genres: Progressive Metal, Death Metal
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An extremely talented young French-Canadian band, Martyr plays complex, technical death metal, somewhat along the lines of mid/late period Death (circa Individual Thought Patterns). Bands such as Cynic and Atheist have also been used as reference points, which is valid except that Martyr has little of the overt jazz/fusion influences of these other bands. The song arrangements jump all over the place, as is typical of many technical metal bands, as the songs showcase the fine musicianship of the members. The vocals are more or less of the standard death metal variety -- gruff and harsh, though not too unintelligible. Not for the casual listener, as the riffs and time signatures change often, but for technical metal fans, this band is a must. After self-releasing their albums for far too long, they finally signed to Galy Records for their latest, Feeding The Abscess. Highly recommended.

Note: No relation to Martyr, the 80's Dutch metal band.

Current Members

Daniel Mongrain

guitars/vocals (Capharnaum, ex-Gorguts, Voivod)

Martin Carbonneau


Francois Mongrain

bass/vocals (ex-Ex Deo)

Patrice Hamelin

drums (Gorguts, Horfixion, Quo Vadis)

Former Members/Guests

Pier-Luc Lampron


Francois Richard



Hopeless Hopes 
1997 independent
  1. Hopeless Hopes
  2. Prototype
  3. Elementals
  4. Non Conformis
  5. Ostrogoth
  6. The Blind's Reflexion
  7. Inner Peace
  8. Ars Nova
  9. Nypsky
  10. Prototype (demo version) (*)
  11. Ars Nova (demo version) (*)
  12. Ostrogoth (demo version) (*)
  13. Non Conformis (demo version) (*)
  • Daniel Mongrain
  • Pier-Luc Lampron
  • Francois Mongrain
  • Francois Richard

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Warp Zone 
2000 Galy
  1. Warp Zone
  2. Virtual Emotions
  3. Endless vortex towards erasing destiny
  4. Deserted Waters
  5. Carpe Diem
  6. The Fortune-Teller
  7. Speechless
  8. Retry? Abort? Ignore?
  9. Realms of Reverie
  10. Enoz Praw
  11. Warp Zone (demo version) (*)
  12. Virtual Emotions (demo version) (*)
  13. Deserted Waters (demo version) (*)
  14. Carpe Diem (demo version) (*)
  • Daniel Mongrain
  • Pier-Luc Lampron
  • Francois Mongrain
  • Patrice Hamelin

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Extracting The Core  LIVE
2001 Skyscraper
  1. Warp Zone
  2. Speechless
  3. Inner Peace
  4. Virtual Emotions
  5. Endless vortex towards erasing destiny
  6. Hopeless Hopes
  7. Retry? Abort? Ignore?
  8. Carpe Diem
  9. Prototype
  • Daniel Mongrain
  • Pier-Luc Lampron
  • Francois Mongrain
  • Patrice Hamelin

Feeding The Abscess 
2006 Galy
  1. Perpetual Healing (Infinite Pain)
  2. Lost in Sanity
  3. Feast of Vermin
  4. Interlude - Desolate Ruins
  5. Havoc
  6. Nameless, Faceless, Neverborn
  7. Silent Science
  8. Felony
  9. Dead Horizon Part I : Echoes of the Unseen
  10. Dead Horizon Part II : Romancing Ghouls
  11. Dead Horizon Part III : Stasis Field
  12. Dead Horizon Part IV : Shellshocked
  13. Brain Scan
  • Daniel Mongrain
  • Martin Carbonneau
  • Francois Mongrain
  • Patrice Hamelin

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