Origin: Sweden
Genres: Black Metal
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Mörk Gryning  

Mörk Gryning (the name translates to "dark dawn") was formed in 1993 by the duo of Goth Gorgon and Kimera, the pair remaining the core of the band until early 2004 when Kimera departed. Their early work is more in the traditional black metal camp, but by the time of their most recent album (Pieces Of Primal Expressionism) the band had progressed a good deal, incorporating death and even some progressive elements with a black metal base, forging a relatively unique and quite accomplished sound. Expressionism is a well-developed, mature post-black metal album that is well deserving of the critical acclaim it has garnered.

The band announced its breakup in January 2005, as founding member Goth Gorgon had lost interest in extreme music.

Current Members

Goth Gorgon (Jonas Berndt)


Draakh Kimera (Peter Nagy)

vocals/drums/guitars (Defender)

Aeon (Johan Larsson)

keyboards/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

Avatar (Mattias Eklund)

guitars/backing vocals


Tusen År Har Gått 
1995 No Fashion
  1. Dagon
  2. Journey
  3. Tusen Ar Har Gatt
  4. Omringningen
  5. Armageddon Has Come To Pass...
  6. Unleash The Beast
  7. The Final Battle
  8. Morkrets Gryning
  9. Min Sista Fard (En Visa Om Doden)
  • Goth Gorgon
  • Draakh Kimera

Return Fire 
1998 No Fashion
  1. World of the dragon
  2. Supreme hatred
  3. The doom of planet Yucnown
  4. The surrounding
  5. Dreams, sweet dreams
  6. No longer in wait
  7. Manhunter
  8. Return fire
  9. Dawn of the magic aeon
  10. Master of fire
  11. Necrophiliac
  • Goth Gorgon
  • Draakh Kimera

Maelstrom Chaos 
2001 No Fashion
  1. A Perception Of The Ancient
  2. Templars
  3. Ont Blod
  4. The Menace
  5. Maelstrom Chaos
  6. My Friends
  7. The Darkness Within
  8. Bloodspring Mirage
  9. Forever Unhallowed Preponderance
  10. Dödens Skald
  • Goth Gorgon
  • Draakh Kimera
  • Avatar

Pieces Of Primal Expressionism 
2003 No Fashion
  1. The Sleeping Star
  2. The Cradle Of Civilization
  3. Perpetual Dissolution
  4. Our Urn
  5. An Old Man's Lament
  6. The Worm
  7. Fragments And Pieces
  8. On The Verge Of Prime Divinity
  • Goth Gorgon
  • Draakh Kimera
  • Aeon

Mörk Gryning 
2005 Black Lodge
  1. Lazarus Rising
  2. Ingen Dyrkan
  3. The Sun
  4. Into Oblivion
  5. The Aurora
  6. Pure
  7. All Discarded
  8. Disguise My Parting
  9. Neverwhere


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