Origin: Lauda, Germany
Genres: Traditional Metal
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It's pretty obvious where this German band was headed, judging from their album covers and titles (Keep It True, indeed!). Bombastic, anthemic, and, er, majestic, late-period Manowar worship was the order of the day here, and a simple glance at their song titles imply they weren't interested in broadening their horizons (six albums in, and there are still song titles like "Heavy Metal Desire", "March For Victory", "Fight Forever", and so forth). To their credit, Manowar themselves are still a huge draw in Europe and these guys captured that spirit pretty well. In July 2008 the band announced its breakup, with vocalist/mainman Tarek Maghary starting up a new band called Metalforce. Initially the lineup was the same as that of Majesty, though that changed by the time an album was recorded in 2009. Finally, Maghary decided to switch back to Majesty in the spring of 2011.

Current Members

Tarek Maghary


Tristan Visser


Robin Hadamovsky


Carsten Kettering

bass (Ross The Boss)

Jan Raddatz


Former Members/Guests

Rolf Munkes

guitars (Crematory)

Udo Keppner

rhythm guitar/backing vocals

Björn Daigger


Martin Hehn


Marcus Bielenberg

bass/backing vocals

Alex Palma


Andy Moll


Ingo Zadravec


Michael Gräter

drums/backing vocals


Keep It True 
  1. Keep It True
  2. Strong As Steel
  3. Hail To Majesty
  4. Son Of Metal
  5. Into The Night
  6. Metal Force
  7. We Will Ride
  8. Last Revolution
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Udo Keppner
  • Martin Hehn
  • Andy Moll
  • Ingo Zadravec

Sword & Sorcery 
2002 Massacre
  1. Sword & Sorcery
  2. Fields Of War
  3. Heavy Metal
  4. Epic War
  5. Ride Silent!
  6. Fist Of Steel
  7. Aria Of Bravery
  8. Metal To The Metalheads
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Udo Keppner
  • Martin Hehn
  • Andy Moll
  • Michael Gräter

Reign In Glory 
2003 Massacre
  1. Heavy Metal Battlecry
  2. Into The Stadiums
  3. Reign In Glory
  4. Will Of The Cobra
  5. Defender Of The Brave
  6. Lord Of The Damned
  7. Heroes
  8. Thunder In The Silence
  9. Troopers Of Steel
  10. Falcon In The Storm
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Rolf Munkes
  • Udo Keppner
  • Martin Hehn
  • Andy Moll
  • Michael Gräter

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Metal Law 
2004 Massacre
  1. Metal Law (new studio song)
  2. Introduction
  3. Hail to Majesty
  4. Reign in Glory
  5. Heavy Metal Battlecry
  6. Epic War
  7. Into the Stadiums
  8. Sword & Sorcery
  9. Lord of the Damned
  10. Fields of War
  11. Thunder on the Silence
  12. Heavy Metal
  13. Keep it True
  14. Falcon in the Storm
  15. Ride Silent
  16. Son of Metal
  17. Metal to the Metalheads
  18. Introduction
  19. Hail to Majesty
  20. Reign in Glory
  21. Heavy Metal Battlecry
  22. Epic War
  23. Into the Stadiums
  24. Sword & Sorcery
  25. Lord of the Damned
  26. Fields of War
  27. Thunder on the Silence
  28. Heavy Metal
  29. Keep it True
  30. Falcon in the Storm
  31. Ride Silent
  32. Son of Metal
  33. Metal to the Metalheads
  34. "Reign in Glory" Mixdown
  35. FanClub Choir Recording
  36. Guitar & Vocals Recordings
  37. Credits
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Rolf Munkes
  • Marcus Bielenberg
  • Andy Moll
  • Michael Gräter

(EP) Sons Of A New Millennium 
2006 Massacre
  1. Sons of A New Millennium (Single Version)
  2. Make It, Not Break it
  3. Guardians of the Dragongrail (Orchestral Version)
  4. Hail to Majesty (Live)
  5. Ride and Fight (Remastered)
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Rolf Munkes
  • Björn Daigger
  • Marcus Bielenberg
  • Michael Gräter

  1. The Blessing
  2. Hellforces
  3. Dance With The Demon
  4. Sons Of A New Millenium
  5. Heavy Metal Desire
  6. March For Victory
  7. Like A Raptor
  8. Guardians Of The Dragon Grail
  9. Freedom Heart
  10. Fight Forever
  11. Nowhere Man
  12. Metal Law 2006
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Rolf Munkes
  • Björn Daigger
  • Marcus Bielenberg
  • Michael Gräter

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2011 Massacre
  1. Metal Law
  2. Sword & Sorcery
  3. Reign in Glory
  4. Hail to Majesty
  5. Guardians of the Dragongrail
  6. Keep it True
  7. Aria of Bravery
  8. Fields of War
  9. Hellforces
  10. Son of Metal
  11. Heavy Metal Battlecry
  12. Sons of a New Millenium
  13. Into the Stadiums
  14. Metal to the Metalheads

Shake The Ground 
2012 Massacre

Thunder Rider 
2013 NoiseArt
  1. Thunder Rider
  2. Warlords Of The Sea
  3. Anthem Of Glory
  4. Make Some Noise
  5. Metalliator
  6. Raise The Beast
  7. New Era
  8. Asteria
  9. Young And Free (special-edition bonus track)
  10. Rebellion Of Steel
  11. Metal Union
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Björn Daigger
  • Tristan Visser
  • Alex Palma
  • Jan Raddatz

Banners High 
2013 NoiseArt
  1. Judgment of the Gods
  2. We Want His Head
  3. Banners High
  4. Time for Revolution
  5. United by Freedom
  6. Pray for Thunder
  7. Bloodshed and Steel
  8. All We Want, All We Need
  9. Take Me Home
  10. On a Mountain High
  11. The Day When the Battle Is Won
  • Tarek Maghary
  • Tristan Visser
  • Robin Hadamovsky
  • Carsten Kettering
  • Jan Raddatz


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