Origin: Detroit, MI, USA
Genres: Hard Rock

Madam X  

We Reserve The Right, the only album by this 80's band, generated a minor buzz back in the eighties, with their somewhat glammy image and simple, hook-laden anthemic hard rock songs. The band was founded and led by the Petrucci sisters on guitars and drums, with two guys filling out the vocalist and bassist positions, a somewhat odd gender combination both then and now. They never managed to record again, though the Petruccis carried on with varying lineups (even Sebastian Bach was in this band for a time) for several years before first disbanding in 1988, and then again after a short-lived secondary stint in 1991. The sisters were later seen in Vixen, a popular all-female rock band of the 80's and 90's. Twenty-some years later this stuff sounds very dated, as it resembles any number of LA-style bands of the early 80's (like, say, early Motley Crue).

Current Members

Bret Kaiser


Maxine Petrucci

guitars/backing vocals

Chris Doliber

bass/backing vocals

Roxy Petrucci

drums/backing vocals


We Reserve The Right To Rock 
1984 Jet
  1. HIgh In High Scool
  2. Come One Com All
  3. She's Hot Tonight
  4. Dirty Girls
  5. Max Volume/ Metal In My Veins
  6. Reserve The Right To Rock
  7. Good With Figures
  8. Cat's Got Your Tongue
  9. We Want Rock
  10. Stand Up And Fight
  • Bret Kaiser
  • Maxine Petrucci
  • Chris Doliber
  • Roxy Petrucci


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