Origin: USA
Genres: Eclectic Metal

Maudlin Of The Well  

Maudlin Of The Well is one of the most eclectic bands ever featured here, or for that matter any reference dedicated to heavy music. They are the kind of band who aren't just in left field, but out of the ballpark altogether, with a style that is virtually indescribable given its breadth of diverse styles. Acoustic interludes, grinding riffs, jazz breaks, horns, dreamy quiet passages, death growls, and much much more, it's all in there somewhere, blended together as well as can be expected given the large number of members involved (no doubt there were many conflicts as what must have been a very disparate band of individuals attempted to construct songs). The latter two albums Bath* and *Leaving Your Body Map were actually intended as companion albums, more or less recorded together, representing quite an ambitious effort indeed. Those seeking true diversity in music, this is your band. After three albums, they broke up in 2002 or 2003, but several members were later involved in another project, Kayo Dot, a continuation (of sorts) of the sounds created by Maudlin. They came back together in 2009 and recorded an album for free download, Part The Second.

Current Members

Toby Driver

vocals/guitars/bass (Kayo Dot)

Greg Massi

vocals/guitars (ex-Kayo Dot)

Josh Seipp-Williams


Terran Olson

vocals/clarinet/flute (Kayo Dot)

Sam Gutterman

drums/vocals (ex-Kayo Dot)

Former Members/Guests

Jason Byron


Maria-Stella Fountoulakis


Jason Bitner





My Fruit Psychobells ... A Seed Combustible 
1999 Dark Symphonies
  1. Ferocious Weights
  2. A Conception Pathetic
  3. Undine and Underwater Flowers
  4. The Ocean, The Kingdom and the Temptation
  5. Pondering a Wall
  6. Catharsis of Sea-Sleep and Dreaming Shrines
  7. Blight of River Syste
  • Jason Byron
  • Toby Driver
  • Maria-Stella Fountoulakis
  • Greg Massi
  • Jason Bitner
  • D

2001 Dark Symphonies
  1. The Blue Ghost/Shedding Qliphoth
  2. They Aren't All Beautifull
  3. Heaven and Weak
  4. (Interlude 1)
  5. The Ferryman
  6. Marid's Gift of Art
  7. Girl With A Watering Can
  8. Birth Pains of Astral Projection
  9. (Interlude 2)
  10. Geography
  • Jason Byron
  • Toby Driver
  • Maria-Stella Fountoulakis
  • Greg Massi
  • Josh Seipp-Williams
  • Jason Bitner
  • Terran Olson
  • Sam Gutterman

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Leaving Your Body Map 
2001 Dark Symphonies
  1. Stones of October's Sobbing
  2. Gleam in Ranks
  3. Bizarre Flowers / A Violent Mist
  4. (Interlude 3)
  5. The Curve That to an Angle Turn'd
  6. Sleep is a Curse
  7. Riseth He, The Numberless
  8. (Interlude 4)
  9. Monstrously Low Tide
  • Jason Byron
  • Toby Driver
  • Maria-Stella Fountoulakis
  • Greg Massi
  • Josh Seipp-Williams
  • Jason Bitner
  • Terran Olson
  • Sam Gutterman

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Part The Second 
2009 self-released
  1. Excerpt from 6,000,000,000,000 Miles Before the First, or, the Revisitation of the Blue Ghost
  2. Another Excerpt: Keep Light Near You, Even When Dying
  3. Rose Quartz Turning to Glass
  4. Clover Garland Island
  5. Laboratories of the Invisible World (Rollerskating the Cosmic Palmistric Postborder)
  • Toby Driver
  • Greg Massi
  • Josh Seipp-Williams
  • Terran Olson
  • Sam Gutterman

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