Origin: Edinburgh, Scotland
Genres: Traditional Metal

Man Of The Hour  

This Scottish band had a definite for-the-fun-of-it vibe going, what with their everyday-guys image, corny stage names like Steve Power and Tommy Concrete, and tongue-in-cheek song titles such as "I Only Give A Shit" and "Werewolf Lover". Musically, there was a clear Pantera edge in the guitar work, particularly the chugging riffs, while the vocals ranged from higher-pitched screams (kind of a poor man's Warrel Dane) to a gruffer roar. Not quite thrash, not quite doom (they do slow it down on occasion), not quite traditional metal, but really a mixture of all three, Destroy The Machines Of Slaughter (the band's second album, released in 2007) was never going to change the world, but it's a fun listen, and a good recommendation for those into straightforward, no-frills metal. The band broke up in January 2010.

Current Members

Tommy Concrete


Stevie Power


Soo C. Diamond


The Engine


Former Members/Guests

Matt Justice



Skull Orchard 
2004 More Energy
  1. Friendship Through Steel
  2. Hey Baby
  3. Enter The Drug Fuelled Domain
  4. They're Never Gonna Take Away Our Voice
  5. The Crawling chaos suite Part 1 'Skull Orchard'
  6. The Crawling chaos suite Part 2 'Beware The Unseen'
  7. The Crawling chaos suite Part 3 'Quest For The Unknown
  8. Spinal Pressure
  9. Terminate / Dominate
  10. Whip Of Fire (Come Lash Me)
  11. The Death Throws (Of Choice)
  12. We All Hail
  • Tommy Concrete
  • Matt Justice
  • Stevie Power
  • Soo C. Diamond
  • The Engine

Destroy The Machines Of Slaughter 
2007 No Face
  1. The Whirlpools Of Hades
  2. I Only Give A Shit...
  3. Destroy The Machines Of Slaughter
  4. Werewolf Lover
  5. Red Nails
  6. The Hideous Mummified Corpse
  7. The Final Battle
  8. We'll Show You The Way To The Wolves
  9. Stealing From The Dealer
  10. The Spores Of The Black Unicorn
  11. Fang Bearing Brother
  12. Beware Of The Gnomes
  • Tommy Concrete
  • Matt Justice
  • Stevie Power
  • Soo C. Diamond
  • The Engine


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