Origin: Uppsala, Sweden
Genres: Industrial

Misery Loves Co.  

Misery Loves Company combined elements of doom, thrash, and industrial to create a sound that is quite intense and original, as well as pretty depressing. The industrial influence is probably the most dominant, and thus bands like Nine Inch Nails and perhaps Ministry are reference points, though not so much soundalikes. The duo disbanded in 2000 following the release of Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share, informally started working together several years later, and officially announced their reunion in 2016.

Current Members

Patrik Wiren

vocals (ex-Midas Touch)

Örjan Örnkloo



(EP) Private Hell 
1994 independent
  1. Private Hell
  2. This Is No Dream (Glau-Mix)
  3. Honour, Code, Loyalty

Misery Loves Company 
1995 Earache
  1. My Mind Still Speaks
  2. Kiss Your Boots
  3. Need Another One
  4. Sonic Attack
  5. This Is No Dream
  6. Happy ?
  7. I Swallow
  8. Private Hell
  9. The Only Way
  10. 2 Seconds

(EP) Happy? 
1996 Earache
  1. Happy ?
  2. Strain Of Frustration
  3. This Is No Dream
  4. Private Hell
  5. Happy ? (live)
  6. Kiss Your Boots (live)
  7. Sonic Attack (remix)

Not Like Them 
1997 Earache
  1. It's All Yours
  2. A Million Lies
  3. Prove Me Wrong
  4. Owe You Nothing
  5. Complicated Game
  6. Taste It (Imaginary Gun)
  7. Deny Everything
  8. Them Nails
  9. Infected
  10. Feed The Crap
  11. Not the Only One

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Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share 
2000 Earache
  1. Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share
  2. No Exit
  3. On Top Of The World
  4. Like A Suicide
  5. Rise & Fall
  6. Damage Driven
  7. Never Gonna Grow Up
  8. Into The Grey
  9. The Drowning Man
  10. When Everything Dies

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