Origin: Australia
Genres: Power Metal


Lord is the project led by one Lord Tim Grose, former lead singer of the Australian power metal band Dungeon. Originally a side project acting as an outlet for Lord Tim's non-Dungeon side, it became a full-fledged band after Dungeon's disbanding in 2005, and as witnessed on 2009's Set In Stone, the musical blueprint is similar to his old band, that being prototypical European power metal. Lord Tim's vocals are in fine form, his voice is perfectly suited for this style of metal, and while this really isn't cutting-edge originality-wise, it's well executed and true to the style.

Current Members

"Lord" Tim Grose

vocals/guitars (ex-Dungeon)

Mark Furtner


Andy Dowling


Damien Costas


Former Members/Guests

Mav Stevens


Tim Yatras

drums (ex-Dungeon)


A Personal Journey 
  1. The Dreaming
  2. Footsteps In The Sand
  3. Reflections
  4. Freedom
  5. By George!
  6. The Richest Man
  7. Journey Through Hell
  8. The Traveller
  9. One World
  10. Behind The Mask
  11. Rainy Nights
  12. Last Rites
  • "Lord" Tim Grose

Live At The Metro 
  1. The Legend of Huma
  2. Resurrection
  3. Steelheart
  4. Better Man
  5. Tarrano Del Mar
  6. Curse of the Pharaohs
  7. Footsteps in the Sand
  8. The Richest Man
  9. Lost in the Light
  10. Paradise
  11. Insanity's Fall
  12. Slave of Love
  13. The Art of War
  14. I Am Death
  • "Lord" Tim Grose
  • Mav Stevens
  • Andy Dowling
  • Tim Yatras

  1. Echoes Of The Past
  2. Reborn
  3. Going Down
  4. Same Old Lines
  5. Rain
  6. My Own Way
  7. Through The Fire
  8. The Calm
  9. Limb From Limb
  10. 220
  11. Legacy
  • "Lord" Tim Grose
  • Andy Dowling
  • Tim Yatras

(EP) Hear No Evil 
  1. Hear No Evil
  2. Set In Stone
  3. On a Night Like This
  4. Through The Fire ?
  5. Going Down ?
  • "Lord" Tim Grose
  • Mark Furtner
  • Andy Dowling
  • Tim Yatras

Set In Stone 
  1. Spectres Of The Ascendant
  2. Redemption
  3. 100 Reasons
  4. Eternal Storm
  5. Set In Stone
  6. Someone Else's Dream
  7. Forever
  8. Beyond The Light
  9. The End Of Days
  10. Be My Guest
  11. New Horizons

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility 

(EP) Return Of The Tyrant 
  1. Return of the Tyrant
  2. Of Sins And Shadows (Symphony X cover)
  3. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight (Cutting Crew cover)
  4. Against the Wind (Unplugged)
  5. Rain (Unplugged)
  6. 100 Reasons (Unplugged)
  7. Paradise (Unplugged)
  8. Eternal Storm (Unplugged)
  9. New Horizons (Unplugged)
  10. Return of the Tyrant (Orchestal Version)
  11. Return of the Tyrant (Radio Edit)
  • "Lord" Tim Grose
  • Mark Furtner
  • Andy Dowling
  • Damien Costas

Digital Lies 
  1. Incipio
  2. Betrayal Blind
  3. Digital Lies
  4. Point Of View
  5. Walk Away
  6. 2D Person In A 3D World
  7. Final Seconds
  8. The Last Encore
  9. Because We Can
  10. The Chalkboard Prophet
  11. Battle Of Venarium


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