Origin: Nässjö, Sweden
Genres: Atmospheric Hardcore, Sludge Metal
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Kongh is an ultra-heavy Swedish trio that formed in 2004, with their second album, 2009's Shadow Of The Shapeless, reviewed here. Part atmospheric hardcore, part stoner/doom, part sludge, and even a dash of heavy blues, these guys show quite a bit more diversity than many bands in any of these genres. Though the songs do tend to drag a bit (only one of the five songs is under 9 minutes in length, with two over the 15 minute mark), to their credit even the longer ones have some variation within. The highlight of the album is the crushing sludgy doom of "Unholy Water", both the heaviest and most consistent song on offer. These guys aren't completely off the charts originality-wise, and at times they're just a bit too oppressive, but they're bringing more to the table than the average band, and that's definitely a good thing.

No relation to the mighty Dutch instrumental band Kong.

Current Members

David Johansson


Tomas Salonen


Former Members/Guests

Oscar Ryden



Counting Heartbeats 
2007 Trust No One
  1. Pushed Beyond
  2. Counting Heartbeats
  3. Adapt The Void
  4. Megaprimatus
  5. Zihuatanejo
  • David Johansson
  • Oscar Ryden
  • Tomas Salonen

Shadows Of The Shapeless 
2009 Trust No One
  1. Unholy Water
  2. Essence Asunder
  3. Tänk på döden
  4. Voice of the Below
  5. Shadows of the Shapeless
  • David Johansson
  • Oscar Ryden
  • Tomas Salonen

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Sole Creation 
2013 Agonia
  1. Sole Creation
  2. Tamed Brute
  3. The Portals
  4. Skymning
  • David Johansson
  • Tomas Salonen


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