Origin: Meckenheim, Germany
Genres: Black Metal
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This quite intriguing German duo was founded in 1998, releasing albums in in 2003 and 2005 before making a major statement with 2009's Merkur. At the core, this is modern yet traditional-minded black metal, but there is much more going on here, from the jazzy dissonance that brings to mind oddballs like Fleurety to the progressive stylings of an Enslaved to, most tellingly, the Opeth-ian quieter interludes that are sprinkled throughout yet never seem out of place. This band is among the best at melding two disparate styles in black metal and progressive rock/metal, and gets a solid thumbs-up here.

Current Members

Tim Steffens


Florian Toyka


Former Members/Guests

Patrick Schroeder (guest)



Our Journey Through The Woods 
2003 self-released
  1. Intro: Walking through Twilight
  2. Der Nöck
  3. Trolldance
  4. Rabenmorgen
  5. Seaghost
  6. Elfentanz
  7. Tower of Sorcery
  8. This Place
  9. Spring Morning Sun
  10. Autumn's Breath
  • Tim Steffens
  • Florian Toyka

Der Ort 
2005 Heavy Horses
  1. Der Ort
  2. Forlorn Sea
  3. Winternacht
  4. The River
  5. Waldschrat
  6. Red Urn
  7. The Wanderer
  8. October
  • Tim Steffens
  • Florian Toyka
  • Patrick Schroeder

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(EP) Klabautamann 
  • Tim Steffens
  • Florian Toyka

2009 Zeitgeister
  1. Unter Bäumen
  2. When I Long for Life
  3. Stygian
  4. Herbsthauch
  5. Morn of Solace
  6. Der Wald ist ein Meer
  7. Merkur
  8. Lurker in the Moonlight
  9. Noatun
  • Tim Steffens
  • Florian Toyka
  • Patrick Schroeder
2009 BNR Top Ten album

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The Old Chamber 
2011 Zeitgeister
  1. Mary's Abbey
  2. Bog Spawn
  3. Dead Marshes
  4. The Crown of the Wild
  5. Gloom
  6. The Old Chamber
  7. Death's Canvas
  8. The Maze
  9. Black Rain
  10. The Dying Night
  • Tim Steffens
  • Florian Toyka

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Teeth Of The Divine 

2017 Zeitgeister
  1. Into Depression
  2. My Terrifying Mirror
  3. In My Shadow
  4. Under Feral Skies
  5. As The Snow Melted
  6. The Murderers
  7. Enemies’ Blood
  8. Saturn
  9. Smaragd
  10. Frozen In Time
  • Tim Steffens
  • Florian Toyka
  • Patrick Schroeder


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