Origin: Norway
Genres: Black Metal
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Hailing from Oslo and formed in 2000, Khold are a worthy and fitting addition to the Moonfog roster, as they have some similarities to bands such as (newer) Satyricon and Thorns. The guitarwork, vocals, and general atmosphere is clearly derived from old-school black metal bands such as Darkthrone, with the main differences being that Khold rarely move up to blastbeat speed (preferring a slow to mid-paced grind), and also the fact the Khold eschews the bad-production-on-purpose ideal of many black metal bands in favor of a crystal clear production that works well to their advantage. They aren't perfect, as some songs tend to drag and more energy in the musicianship wouldn't go amiss (the drumming in particular is functional but unadventurous), but within the rigid genre of of traditional black metal they've managed to both retain the sound of their influences while forging a style of their own.

Current Members

Gard (Sverre Stokland)

guitars/vocals (Tulus)

Rinn (Geir Kildahl)


Grimd (Thomas Arnesen)


Sarke (Thomas Berglie)

drums (Manes, Manii, Tulus)

Former Members/Guests

Eikind (Lars Eric Si)

bass (Age Of Silence, Winds)

Brander (Thomas Brandt)

bass (Red Harvest)


Masterpiss Of Pain 
2001 Moonfog
  1. Nattpyre
  2. Den Store Allianse
  3. Norne
  4. Svart Helligdom
  5. Rovnatt
  6. Kaldbleke Hender
  7. Bortvandring
  8. Mesterverk Av Smerte
  9. Jol
  10. Øyne I Arv
  • Gard
  • Rinn
  • Eikind
  • Sarke

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2002 Moonfog
  1. Dødens Grøde (Death Crop)
  2. Skjebnevette (Vette (Bringer Of Fate) )
  3. Hekseformular I Vev (Witchcraft I Loom)
  4. Phantom (Phantom)
  5. Fra Grav Til Mørke (From Grave To Gloom)
  6. Døde Fuglers Sang (Dead Birds' Song)
  7. Slaktereika (Butcher's Oak)
  8. Ord I Flammer (Words In Flames)
  9. Vandring (Wandering)
  • Gard
  • Rinn
  • Brander
  • Sarke

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Mørke Gravers Kammer 
2004 Candlelight
  1. Åtselgraver
  2. Død
  3. Niflheimr
  4. Hevnerske
  5. Med nebb og klør
  6. Mørke gravers kammer
  7. Opera Seria
  8. Sjeleskjender
  9. Vardøger
  10. Kamp
  • Gard
  • Rinn
  • Brander
  • Sarke

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2005 Tabu
  1. Krek
  2. Blod og blek
  3. Innestengt i eikekiste
  4. Oskorei
  5. Byrde
  6. Lysets flukt
  7. Grepet om kniven
  8. Midtvinterblot
  9. Varde
  10. Silur Wie
  • Gard
  • Rinn
  • Brander
  • Sarke

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Hundre År Gammal 
2008 Tabu
  1. Der Kulden Rår
  2. Forrykt
  3. Hundre År Gammal
  4. Mester Og Trell
  5. Troløs
  6. Rekviem
  7. Sann Ditt Svik
  8. Villfaren
  9. Bønn
  10. Kor
  11. Straff
  • Gard
  • Rinn
  • Grimd
  • Sarke

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