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Kenziner is a band/project featuring Finnish guitar wunderkind Jarno Keskinen. Musically, the band is firmly in the neo-classical metal world, reminding one of, perhaps, early Yngwie Malmsteen with less soloing (make no mistake, Keskinen's guitar work is quite impressive), and the keyboard work of Mikko Harkin (who also plays in Sonata Arctica is equally outstanding, as are the powerful vocals of American Stephen Fredrick. For fans of classically-tinged modern Euro metal, this band is very recommended. Reviews indicate that the second album, The Prophecies (the only one reviewed here) is more developed and therefore better than the debut.

According to one source, Keskinen had a dispute with the record label and left the band some time ago, probably signalling the end of the band.

Current Members

Stephen Fredrick

vocals (ex-Firewind)

Jarno Keskinen


Mikko Härkin

keyboards (ex-Cain's Offering, Solution .45, ex-Sonata Arctica)

Brian Harris

drums (ex-Firewind, ex-My Own Victim, ex-Solstice)

Former Members/Guests

Dennis Lesh

drums (ex-Chastain, ex-Stygian, ex-Trouble)


1998 Leviathan
  1. Future Signs
  2. Into The Light
  3. Images Of The Past
  4. Dreamer
  5. Through The End
  6. Timescape
  7. Walking in the Rain
  8. Seasons
  9. In The Silence
  10. Land of Shadows
  11. Inspiration at a Moment
  12. Future Signs
  13. Into the Light
  14. Race With Time
  15. Images of the Past
  16. Dreamer
  17. Thru the End
  18. Timescape
  19. The Razor's Edge
  20. Seasons
  21. In the Silence
  22. Through the Fire
  23. Land of Shadows
  24. Like a Paradise
  • Stephen Fredrick
  • Jarno Keskinen
  • Dennis Lesh

The Prophecies 
1999 Metal Blade
  1. Live Forever
  2. The Razor’s Edge
  3. Carry on Tomorrow
  4. Race With Time
  5. Trail of Tears
  6. Eternity
  7. Dimensions
  8. Like A Paradise
  9. Through The Fire
  10. The Prophecies
  • Stephen Fredrick
  • Jarno Keskinen
  • Mikko Härkin
  • Brian Harris

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2012 Leviathan


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