Origin: Norway


Current Members

Jørn Lande

vocals (ex-Ark, ex-Beyond Twilight, ex-Masterplan, ex-Mundanus Imperium)

Trond Holder

all instruments/other/other

Alex Beyrodt

guitars (Primal Fear, Silent Force, Sinner, Voodoo Circle)

Sid Ringsby


Mat Sinner (Mattias Lasch)

bass (Primal Fear, Silent Force, Sinner)

Alessandro Del Vecchio

keyboards (Voodoo Circle)

Willy Bendiksen


Christian Svendsen

drums (Grimfist)

Former Members/Guests

Jørn Viggo Lofstad

guitars (ex-Beautiful Sin, Pagan's Mind)

Igor Gianola

guitars (ex-U.D.O.)

Tor Erik Myhre


Tore Moren

guitars (ex-Arcturus)

Jimmy Iversen


Magnus Rosén

bass (ex-HammerFall, ex-Keegan, ex-Revolution Renaissance, Shadowside, ex-X-World/5)

Morty Black

bass (ex-TNT)

Steinar Krokmo

bass (ex-Beautiful Sin, Pagan's Mind)

Nic Angileri


Bernt Jansen

bass (Artch)

Thomas Bekkevold


Hellhammer (Jan Axel Von Blomberg)

drums (ex-Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir, ex-The Kovenant, Mayhem, Mezzerschmitt, ex-Thorns, ex-Troll, Winds)

Stian Kristoffersen

drums (Chastain, ex-Dimension F3H, ex-Firewind, Pagan's Mind)

Francesco Iovino



other (Doro)


2000 Frontiers
  • Jørn Lande
  • (various)

2001 Frontiers
  • Jørn Lande
  • Tore Moren
  • Sid Ringsby
  • Hellhammer

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility 

Out To Every Nation 
2004 AFM
  • Jørn Lande
  • Jørn Viggo Lofstad
  • Magnus Rosén
  • Stian Kristoffersen

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Brave Words  Metal Storm 

The Duke 
2006 AFM
  • Jørn Lande
  • Jørn Viggo Lofstad
  • Tore Moren
  • Morty Black
  • Willy Bendiksen

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal  Metal Storm 

The Gathering  COMPILATION
2007 AFM

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal 

Unlocking The Past 
2007 AFM
  • Jørn Lande
  • (various)

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Brave Words 

Live In America  LIVE
2007 Frontiers
  • Jørn Lande
  • Jørn Viggo Lofstad
  • Tore Moren
  • Steinar Krokmo
  • Willy Bendiksen

The Lonely Are The Brave 
2008 Blistering
  • Jørn Lande
  • Jørn Viggo Lofstad
  • Tore Moren
  • Sid Ringsby
  • Willy Bendiksen

Live In America 

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal  Lords Of Metal 

2009 AFM
  1. Man Of The Dark
  2. Starfire
  3. Young Forever (New Version)
  4. Soul Of The Wind
  5. Living With Wolves
  6. War Of The World
  7. Sunset Station
  8. We Brought The Angels Down
  9. The Inner Road
  10. Tungur Knivur
  11. Stormcrow
  12. Out To Every Nation (New Version)
  13. Lonely Are The Brave
  14. Blacksong
  15. Shadow People
  16. Duke Of Love

Reviews:   Lords Of Metal 

Spirit Black 
2009 Frontiers
  • Jørn Lande
  • Igor Gianola
  • Tore Moren
  • Nic Angileri
  • Willy Bendiksen

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Teeth Of The Divine 

2010 Frontiers
  1. Song for Ronnie James
  2. Invisible
  3. Shame on the Night
  4. Push
  5. Stand Up and Shout
  6. Don't Talk to Strangers
  7. Lord Of The Last Day
  8. Night People
  9. Sacred Heart
  10. Sunset Superman
  11. Lonely Is The Word / Letters From Earth (2010 version)
  12. Kill The King
  13. Straight Through The Heart (live)
  • Jørn Lande
  • Igor Gianola
  • Tor Erik Myhre
  • Tore Moren
  • Nic Angileri
  • Willy Bendiksen

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Underground  Brave Words  Teeth Of The Divine 

Live In Black  LIVE
2011 Frontiers
  1. Road of the Cross
  2. Shadow People
  3. Below
  4. We Brought the Angels Down
  5. Stormcrow
  6. Spirit Black
  7. The Inner Road
  8. Man of the Dark
  9. Blacksong
  10. Guitar Solo (Tore Moren)
  11. Tungur Knivur
  12. Guitar Solo (Tor Erik Myhre)
  13. Rock and Roll Angel
  14. Drum Solo
  15. Soul of the Wind
  16. Are You Ready?
  17. War of the World
  • Jørn Lande
  • Tor Erik Myhre
  • Tore Moren
  • Nic Angileri
  • Willy Bendiksen

Bring Heavy Rock To The Land  LIVE
2012 Frontiers
  1. My Road
  2. Bring Heavy Rock To The Land
  3. A Thousand Cuts
  4. Ride Like The Wind
  5. Chains Around You
  6. The World I See
  7. Time To Be King
  8. Ride To The Guns
  9. Black Morning
  10. I Came To Rock
  11. Live And Let Fly (bonus track)
  • Jørn Lande
  • Tore Moren
  • Jimmy Iversen
  • Nic Angileri
  • Willy Bendiksen

Reviews:   Brave Words  Angry Metal Guy 

2013 Frontiers
  1. I Came To Rock
  2. Rock And Roll Children
  3. The World I See
  4. Burn Your Flame
  5. Man Of The Dark
  6. My Road
  7. Time To Be King
  8. Black Morning
  9. Like Stone In Water
  10. Vision Eyes
  11. War Of The World
  12. Behind The Clown
  13. A Thousand Cuts
  14. The Mob Rules

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility  Angry Metal Guy  Metal Storm 

2013 Frontiers
  1. Overload
  2. Cancer Demon
  3. Traveller
  4. Window Maker
  5. Make Your Engine Scream
  6. Legend Man
  7. Carry the Black
  8. Rev On
  9. Monsoon
  10. The Man Who Was King
  • Jørn Lande
  • Jimmy Iversen
  • Trond Holder
  • Bernt Jansen
  • Willy Bendiksen

Heavy Rock Radio 
2016 Frontiers
  1. I Know There's Something Going On (Frida cover)
  2. Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)
  3. Rev on the Red Line (Foreigner cover)
  4. You're the Voice (John Farnham cover)
  5. Live to Win (Paul Stanley cover)
  6. Don't Stop Believin' (Journey cover)
  7. Killer Queen (Queen cover)
  8. Hotel California (Eagles cover)
  9. Rainbow in the Dark (Dio cover)
  10. The Final Frontier (Iron Maiden cover)
  11. Stormbringer (Deep Purple cover)
  12. Die Young (Black Sabbath cover)
  • Jørn Lande
  • Trond Holder
  • Thomas Bekkevold
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio
  • Francesco Iovino

Life On Death Road 
2017 Frontiers
  1. Life On Death Road
  2. Hammered To The Cross (The Business)
  3. Love Is The Remedy
  4. Dreamwalker
  5. Fire To The Sun
  6. Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)
  7. I Walked Away
  8. The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope)
  9. Devil You Can Drive
  10. The Optimist
  11. Man Of The '80s
  12. Blackbirds
  • Jørn Lande
  • Alex Beyrodt
  • Mat Sinner
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio
  • Francesco Iovino


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