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With Godflesh coming to a close in 2002, it wasn't too long before mainman Justin Broadrick found a new musical outlet, and thus Jesu was born. Often in such situations, the new band is either an absolute clone of the old, or a complete departure from the earlier works. Jesu is right in the middle -- it's not a direct continuation of Godflesh, but nor is it a million miles from it, as Broadrick's style is still clearly intact. The style here is much more drawn-out, sparse, and moody, with distant, monotonic (yet still somewhat melodic) vocals interspersed throughout, and sometimes dissonant lead guitars layered over the top, a Godflesh trademark that lives on here. There is clearly a less-is-more approach here, and with the majority of songs in the 9+ minute range, there is plenty of opportunity for the songs to meander and drift. Even though Jesu is more than Godflesh Part 2, it's likely that old Godflesh fans are the target audience here (unless you're looking for Streetcleaner-era material, which this isn't), as well as, perhaps, those into the newer wave of atmospheric hardcore bands such as Isis.

Current Members

Justin Broadrick

vocals/guitars/programming (Godflesh, ex-Head Of David, ex-Napalm Death)

Diarmuid Dalton


Ted Parsons

drums (ex-Godflesh, ex-Prong, Treponem Pal)


2004 Dry Run
  1. Heartache
  2. Ruined
  • Justin Broadrick

2004 Hydra Head
  1. Your Path to Divinity
  2. Friends are Evil
  3. Tired of Me
  4. We All Falter
  5. Walk on Water
  6. Sun Day
  7. Man/Woman
  8. Guardian Angel
  9. Your Path to Divinity (The Endless Path) (Japanese bonus track)
  10. Friends are Evil (Highest Throne) (Japanese bonus track)
  • Justin Broadrick
  • Diarmuid Dalton
  • Ted Parsons

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2006 Hydra Head
  1. Silver
  2. Star
  3. Wolves
  4. Dead Eyes
  5. Silver (Original Beats)
  6. Wolves (Original Mix)
  • Justin Broadrick
  • Diarmuid Dalton
  • Ted Parsons

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos 

2007 Hydra Head
  1. Conqueror
  2. Old Year
  3. Transfigure
  4. Weightless And Horizontal
  5. Medicine
  6. Brighteyes
  7. Mother Eary
  8. Stanlow
  9. Sun Down (Japanese bonus track)
  10. Sun Rise (Japanese bonus track)
  • Justin Broadrick
  • Diarmuid Dalton
  • Ted Parsons

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Sun Down / Sun Rise 
  1. Sun Down
  2. Sun Rise
  • Justin Broadrick
  • Diarmuid Dalton

(EP) Lifeline 
2007 Hydra Head
  1. Lifeline
  2. You Wear Their Masks
  3. Storm Comin' On
  4. End of the Road
  5. Lifeline (Alternate Version)
  6. Decide (Alternate Version of Storm Comin' On)
  • Justin Broadrick

(EP) Why Are We Not Perfect? 
2008 Hydra Head
  • Justin Broadrick

2009 Avalanche
  1. Infinity
  2. Infinity (Part II - Reinterpretation)
  • Justin Broadrick

(EP) Opiate Sun 
  1. Losing Streak
  2. Opiate Sun
  3. Deflated
  4. Morning Light
  • Justin Broadrick

Heartache / Dethroned  COMPILATION

  • Justin Broadrick
  • Diarmuid Dalton
  • Ted Parsons


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