Origin: Swindon, England
Genres: Doom Metal
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Iron Hearse  

No surprise what kind of band we're dealing with here -- a band named Iron Hearse on PsycheDOOMelic Records just screams doom metal, and sure enough, Iron Hearse (their 2007 self-titled debut album) has that well-known Obsession-styled relaxed doom metal sound, heavy without being oppressive, with clear 70's-styled vocals and classic Sabbath-inspired riffs. This is the kind of stuff that often finds its way onto labels like Rise Above (or, back a few years ago, Hellhound). While not setting the world on fire, they've carved a nice career for themselves with several releases since that debut.

Current Members

Grant Powell


Liam Khan


Kev Sibley


Former Members/Guests

Chris Young



(EP) Peddle The Metal 
2005 self-released
  1. Temples of the Gods
  2. Winter of Discontent
  3. Trident of the Aqualord
  4. Apollo 666
  • Grant Powell
  • Liam Khan
  • Chris Young

Iron Hearse 
2007 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Rocktopus
  2. All Graves Empty
  3. Blessed by the Anvil
  4. Crown of Doom
  5. Wrong Remains
  6. Black Tapestry
  7. Chronovisor
  8. Reactor IV
  9. Gorgon's Kiss
  10. Eternal Frost
  • Grant Powell
  • Liam Khan
  • Chris Young

Reviews:   Metal Storm 

(EP) Lunar Funeral 
2010 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Lunar Funeral
  2. Iron Sea
  3. Bridesdead Revisted
  4. At The Stones
  5. Rocketbuilder
  • Grant Powell
  • Liam Khan
  • Chris Young

Live At Doomsday IV 
2012 PsycheDOOMelic

Get In The Hearse 
  1. Wolf Clergy
  2. A Slow & Heavy Ride
  3. Vessel of Astaroth
  4. Hydra's Children
  5. Ain't No New Thing
  6. Orion's Sword
  7. Black Sermon
  8. The Ultimate Atomic Man
  • Grant Powell
  • Liam Khan
  • Kev Sibley

Deal With It 
  1. Deal with It
  2. Cydonia Quest
  3. City of Vanishing Spires
  4. Archimedes Death Ray
  5. Dragged Off by the Satanic Cops
  6. They Beckon from Below
  7. Cemetery Beast
  8. Evil on Your Mind
  • Grant Powell
  • Liam Khan
  • Kev Sibley

Live At Doomsday IV Festival  LIVE
  1. Crown of Doom
  2. Chronovisor
  3. Trident of the Aqualord
  4. Temples of the Gods
  5. Rocketbuilder
  6. Bridesdead Revisited
  7. Ain't No New Thing
  8. The Wrong Remains
  9. Ruins of Doom
  10. All Graves Empty (Encore)
  • Grant Powell
  • Liam Khan
  • Kev Sibley


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