Origin: Germany
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Iron Angel  

Iron Angel was one of the better early German thrash bands, playing a crunchy, speedy, energetic form of thrash similar to then-labelmates Destruction. Hellish Crossfire is generally regarded as the better of the two albums, as Winds Of War experimented slightly with a less heavy approach. They reformed in 2000 and had progressed on a new album entitled The Rebirth, but the unfortunate and untimely death of guitarist Peter Wittke apparently put those plans to rest, as it doesn't appear that the album will be released. A second reunion came about in 2007, resulting in a new demo, but again the guys decided not to continue.

Current Members

Dirk Schroder


Peter Wittke

guitars RIP: September 21, 2000, car accident

Sven Strüven

guitars RIP: 2008

Thorsten Lohmann


Mike Mattes



Hellish Crossfire 
1985 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. The Metallian
  2. Sinner
  3. Black Mass
  4. The Church Of The Lost Souls
  5. Hunter In Chains
  6. Rush Of Power
  7. Legions Of Evil
  8. Wife Of The Devil
  9. Nightmare
  10. Heavy Metal Soldiers
  • Dirk Schroder
  • Peter Wittke
  • Sven Strüven
  • Thorsten Lohmann
  • Mike Mattes

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

Winds Of War 
1986 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Winds Of War
  2. Metalstorm
  3. Son Of A Bitch
  4. Vicious
  5. Born To Rock
  6. Fight For Your Life
  7. Stronger Than Steel
  8. SeaOfFlames
  9. Creatures Of Destruction
  10. Back To The Silence
  • Dirk Schroder
  • Peter Wittke
  • Sven Strüven
  • Thorsten Lohmann
  • Mike Mattes

2003 Renewed
  1. Metalstorm (Live)
  2. Son of a Bitch (Live)
  3. Stronger then Steel (Live)
  4. Vicious (Live)
  5. Fifgt For Your Live (Live)
  6. Creatures For destruction (Live)
  7. Sea of Flames (Live)
  8. Rush of Power (Live)
  9. Legions of Evil (Live)
  10. Open the Gate/Devil's Gate (Demo)
  11. Rush of Power (Demo)
  12. Maniac of the Night (Demo)
  13. Sea of Flames (Demo)
  14. Wife of the Devil (Demo)
  15. Hounds of Hell (Demo)
  16. Untitled (Demo)
  17. Untitled (Demo)


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