Origin: Netherlands
Genres: Death Metal

Infinited Hate  

Infinited Hate was formed by Sinister drummer Aad Kloosterwaard as a side project, recruiting his wife Rachel and guitarist Ron van de Polder (both also from Sinister) to complete the lineup. A demo/promo CD Primitive Butchery was recorded, that helping them gain a recording contract with Displeased Records, which released the band's debut album, Revel In Bloodshed. The band claims that their goal is to blend the old school death metal with the newer US style, and that describes the album pretty well. The use of a drum machine is a minor annoyance (Aad used to drum with his other band, but apparently not here), as it sounds a bit tinny and unnatural, but otherwise this is a pretty decent album. Aad has since put together a new version of Sinister and now fronts both bands, though his wife is no longer in either band.

Current Members

Rachel Kloosterwaard-Heyzer

vocals (ex-Legion Of The Damned, ex-Sinister)

Ron van de Polder

guitars/bass (ex-Sinister)

Aad Kloosterwaard

vocals (Sinister, ex-Thanatos)

Bas Brussaard


Former Members/Guests

Paul Beltman (guest)

drums (ex-Sinister)


Revel In Bloodshed 
2004 Displeased
  1. Ill formed beast
  2. Tribute to the dead
  3. Chaos called underworld
  4. Bound by hate
  5. Dreadful gore
  6. Haunting noises
  7. Primitive butchery
  8. Arrival of doom
  9. Built for the kill
  10. Blood evidence
  11. Flag of hate
  • Rachel Kloosterwaard-Heyzer
  • Ron van de Polder
  • Aad Kloosterwaard

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Heaven Termination 
2005 Displeased
  1. Horned Priest
  2. Demonical Supulture
  3. Citadel of Carnage
  4. The Purity Corrupted
  5. Faced Aggressor
  6. Memento Recollection
  7. Unholy Commandments
  8. Pierced with Nails
  9. See Hell
  10. Before the Creation of Time (Unleashed)
  • Rachel Kloosterwaard-Heyzer
  • Ron van de Polder
  • Aad Kloosterwaard

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Orchestra Of Sickness 
2007 Goregiastic
  1. Asylum of Abused
  2. Forever Silenced
  3. Origin of Evil
  4. Upper Hate
  5. Demon King
  6. In common with beast
  7. Primordial darkness
  8. Day of the cross
  9. The Almighty
  • Ron van de Polder
  • Aad Kloosterwaard
  • Paul Beltman


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