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The BNR Metal Pages - Band
Origin: Austin, TX, USA
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Ignitor is one of those tiny local bands playing old-school metal just for the hell of it, as Take To The Sky (a self-released effort from 2004) features six songs taken straight from the metal heyday of the mid-eighties. Of course, this is hardly contemporary stuff and it's all for nostalgia's sake, but for pure headbanging enjoyment, these guys and gals fit the bill. Since Sky they've signed to the Cruz Del Sur label for their first full-length album, Road Of Bones, released in late 2007.

Current Members

Jason McMaster

vocals (Dangerous Toys, Spastic Ink, Watchtower)

Batlord (Stuart Lawrence)

guitars (Agony Column)

Beverly Barrington


Brendon Bigelow


Pat Doyle


Former Members/Guests

Erika Swinnich


Annah Moore



Take To The Sky 
2004 self-released
  1. Demonslayer
  2. Execution
  3. The Gray Ghost
  4. Take to the Sky
  5. The Last King Tiger
  6. Lean Mean Leather Machine
  • Erika Swinnich
  • Batlord
  • Beverly Barrington
  • Brendon Bigelow
  • Pat Doyle

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Road Of Bones 
2007 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Death on the Road
  2. Road of Bones
  3. Scarlet Enigma
  4. March to the Guillotine
  5. Wings of the Blackheart
  6. Hymn of Erin
  7. Phoenix
  8. Broken Glass
  9. Castle in the Clouds
  10. God of Vengeance
  11. Reinheitsgebot
  • Erika Swinnich
  • Batlord
  • Annah Moore
  • Brendon Bigelow
  • Pat Doyle

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The Spider Queen 
2009 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Magnus Opus
  2. Evil Calling
  3. I Never Knew
  4. The Games Begin
  5. Angels Descend
  6. The Spider Queen
  7. Rune Of Power
  8. What Love Denies
  9. Construct Of Destruction
  10. My Heart Turns To Dust
  11. Dynasty Of Darkness
  • Jason McMaster
  • Batlord
  • Beverly Barrington
  • Brendon Bigelow
  • Pat Doyle

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Year Of The Metal Tiger 
2012 MVD
  1. Heavy Metal Holocaust
  2. Beast In Black
  3. Raiders From The Void
  4. Shadow Of The Needle
  5. Island Of The Damned
  6. The Kaiser
  7. We Are IGNITOR
  • Jason McMaster
  • Batlord
  • Beverly Barrington
  • Brendon Bigelow
  • Pat Doyle

Mix Tape '85 
2013 self-released
  1. Deathrider (Anthrax Cover)
  2. Fast As A Shark (Accept Cover)
  3. Violence And Force (Exciter Cover)
  4. Into The Coven (Mercyful fate Cover)
  5. Witching Hour (Venom Cover)
  6. Hell Bent For Leather (Judas priest Cover)
  7. A Lesson In Violence (Exodus Cover)
  8. Highway Star (Deep purple Cover)
  • Jason McMaster
  • Batlord
  • Beverly Barrington
  • Brendon Bigelow
  • Pat Doyle


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