Origin: Toronto, ON, Canada
Genres: Hard Rock
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I Mother Earth  

I Mother Earth are more of a hard rock band than a metal band, although they aren't poppy or overtly commercial like many hard rock bands. The lead singer reminds me at times of Perry Ferrell (ex-Jane's Addiction), and in fact Jane's Addiction isn't too bad of a reference point. For me, Dig is an uneven album -- some pretty interesting songs, some others that don't do anything for me. I've only heard a little of the new one and so I can't properly comment on it.

Current Members

Brian Byrne


Jagori Tanna


Bruce Gordon


Christian Tanna


Former Members/Guests




1993 Capitol
  1. The Mothers
  2. Levitate
  3. Rain Will Fall
  4. So Gently We Go
  5. Not Quite Sonic
  6. Production
  7. Lost My America
  8. No One
  9. Undone
  10. Basketball
  11. And The Experience
  12. The Universe In You
  • Edwin
  • Jagori Tanna
  • Bruce Gordon
  • Christian Tanna

Scenery And Fish 
1996 Capitol
  1. Hello Dave!
  2. Like a Girl
  3. One More Astronaut
  4. Another Sunday
  5. Three Days Old
  6. Used To Be Alright
  7. Shortcut To Moncton
  8. Pisser
  9. Raspberry
  10. Songburst & Delerium
  11. Sense of Henry
  12. Earth Sky & C.
  • Edwin
  • Jagori Tanna
  • Bruce Gordon
  • Christian Tanna

Blue Green Orange 
1999 Mercury
  1. Love Your Starfish
  2. All Awake
  3. Gargantua
  4. When Did You Get Back From Mars?
  5. Summertime In The Void
  6. Good For Sule
  7. Cloud Pump
  8. Blacksox
  9. Autumn On Drugs
  10. Infinity Machine
  11. My Beautiful Deep End
  • Brian Byrne
  • Jagori Tanna
  • Bruce Gordon
  • Christian Tanna

Quicksilver Meat Dream 
2003 Universal
  1. 0157: H
  2. Choke
  3. I Is Us
  4. God Rocket (In The Heart Of Las Vegas)
  5. Like The Sun
  6. Hell & Malfunction
  7. Soft Bomb Salad
  8. Juicy
  9. No Coma
  10. Meat Dreams
  11. Passenger
  • Brian Byrne
  • Jagori Tanna
  • Bruce Gordon
  • Christian Tanna


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