Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Genres: Thrash Metal
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A long-lost (until recently) cult LA band, Hirax was one of the earlier Metal Blade signings in the mid-eighties. They specialized in frenzied speed/thrash metal, almost hardcore in style with the notable exception of Katon DePena's vocals, who steered well clear of the usual gruff thrash or barked hardcore styles, instead employing a mid-range clean, yet almost atonal sound, which was enough to make the band just a bit of originality. Two albums were released (a third, Not Dead Yet, was really just a compilation/re-release), along with assorted singles and live tracks, before disbanding in the late 80's. DePena later was in a band called Phantasm, featuring no less than original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney, though only a rough demo came of this.

As alluded to above, Hirax is long-lost no more. Sensing that the band's popularity has not waned over the years, DePena reformed the band, at one point possibly featuring the other original members but later with an all-new lineup. Since then several releases have been put out with frequently changing members surrounding DePena.

Current Members

Katon W. DePena

vocals (Phantasm)

Lance Harrison


Steve Harrison


Jorge Iacobelles


Former Members/Guests

Scott Owen


James Joseph Hubler


Glenn Rogers

guitars (Deliverance, Heretic, Steel Vengeance)

Dave Watson


Gary Monardo


Justin Lent


Angelo Espino

bass (Heretic, Once Dead, Reverend)

John Tabares


Eric Brecht

drums (D.R.I.)

Dan Bellinger


Fabricio Raveli



Raging Violence 
1985 Metal Blade
  1. Demons - Evil Forces
  2. Blitzkrieg Air Attack
  3. Guardian Protector
  4. Bombs Of Death
  5. Defeat Of Amalek
  6. Raging Violence
  7. Call Of The Gods
  8. Warlords Command
  9. Suicide
  10. Executed
  11. The Gauntlet
  12. Destruction And Terror
  13. Destroy
  14. Bloodbath
  • Katon W. DePena
  • Scott Owen
  • Gary Monardo
  • John Tabares

Hate, Fear And Power 
1986 Metal Blade
  1. Hate, Fear And Power
  2. Blind Faith
  3. Unholy Sacrifice
  4. Lightning - Thunder
  5. The Last War
  6. The Plague
  7. Imprisoned By Ignorance
  8. Criminal Punishment
  • Katon W. DePena
  • Scott Owen
  • Gary Monardo
  • Eric Brecht

(EP) Barrage Of Noise 
2001 self-financed
  1. Murder One
  2. Barrage Of noise
  3. Walk With Death
  4. Broken Neck
  5. Jade
  6. Mouth Sewn Shut
  7. Beyond The Church (part 1)
  8. French Pear
  • Katon W. DePena
  • James Joseph Hubler
  • Justin Lent
  • Dan Bellinger

The New Age Of Terror 
2004 Mausoleum
  1. Kill Switch
  2. Hostile Territory
  3. The New Age Of Terror
  4. Swords Of Steel
  5. Into The Ruins
  6. Massacre Of The Innocent
  7. Hell On Earth
  8. Suffer
  9. El Dia De Los Muertos (The Day Of The Dead)
  10. El Diablo Negro
  11. Unleash The Dogs Of War (Open The Gates)
  • Katon W. DePena
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Dave Watson
  • Angelo Espino
  • Jorge Iacobelles

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Thrash 'Til Death 
2006 Black Devil

(EP) Assassins Of War 
2007 Black Devil
  1. Lucifer's Inferno
  2. Summon The Death Dealers
  3. City Of The Dead
  4. Invasion
  5. Assassins Of War
  • Katon W. DePena
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Lance Harrison
  • Steve Harrison
  • Fabricio Raveli

(EP) Chaos ANd Brutality 
2007 Black Devil
  1. Chaos And Brutality
  2. Walk With Death
  3. 000 Strong

Thrash And Destroy 
2008 Selfmadegod

Thrash And Destroy  LIVE
2008 Black Devil
  1. (Intro) El Dia de los Muertos
  2. 100,000 Strong
  3. Lucifer's Infierno
  4. Blind Faith
  5. The New Age of Terror
  6. Chaos and Brutality
  7. Hate, Fear and Power
  8. Hostile Territory
  9. Destroy
  10. Broken Neck
  11. Bombs of Death
  12. El Diablo Negro
  13. Barrage of Noise
  14. Walk With Death
  15. The Plague
  16. Mouth Sewn Shut
  17. Assassins of War
  18. Unleash the Dogs of War

El Rostro De La Muerte 
2009 Black Devil
  1. Baptized By Fire
  2. Flesh and Blood
  3. Eradicate Mankind
  4. Chaos and Brutality
  5. El Rostro de la Muerte (The Face of Death)
  6. Blind Faith
  7. Horrified
  8. Battle of the North
  9. The Laws of Temptation
  10. Death Militia
  11. Broken Neck
  12. Violent Assault
  13. Cuando Cae la Oscuridad (When Darkness Falls)
  14. Satanís Fall
  • Katon W. DePena
  • Glenn Rogers
  • Lance Harrison
  • Steve Harrison
  • Jorge Iacobelles

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Noise Chaos War  COMPILATION
2010 Thrash Corner
  1. Murder One
  2. Barrage of Noise
  3. Walk With Death
  4. Broken Neck
  5. Jade
  6. Mouth Sewn Shut
  7. Beyond the Church (Part 1)
  8. French Pearl
  9. Chaos and Brutality
  10. Walk With Death
  11. 000 Strong
  12. Luciferís Infierno Reprise
  13. Lucifer's Inferno
  14. Summon the Death Dealers
  15. City of the Dead
  16. Invasion
  17. Assassins of War
  18. Bombs of Death (Live)

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Immortal Legacy 
2013 Steamhammer/SPV


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