Origin: Nuremburg, Germany
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Hellish Crossfire  

A German band, taking their name from the classic album by Iron Angel -- there's really no doubt in anyone's mind as to what these guys play, is there? Yep, it's retro Germanic thrash through and through, evoking names like Sodom and Kreator and the hordes of countrymen that were bashing this stuff out twenty years ago. So, there's nothing remotely original here, nor anything modern (save, perhaps, a somewhat updated production), but that doesn't mean it's not worth one's time, especially given that retro thrash is all the rage in 2008. Like everyone else reliving the glory days of thrash, time will tell if Hellish Crossfire progress beyond rehashing the past, but Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram (how's that for a stereotypical thrash album title?) is highly entertaining and energetic, and a clear choice for those into classic German thrash.

Current Members

Iron Tyrant (Thomas Werner)


Iron Incubus (Christian Wachter)


Don Promillo (Siggi)


Possessor (Patrick Tauch)



Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram 
2006 I Hate
  1. Intro
  2. Conquerors Of Black Souls
  3. Eternal Tyranny
  4. Desecrate/Glorify The Sin
  5. Demonic Sacrifice
  6. Shadowcurse
  7. Claw Of The Reaper
  8. Hallowed In Fire
  • Iron Tyrant
  • Iron Incubus
  • Don Promillo
  • Possessor

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Bloodrust Scythe 
2010 I Hate
  1. Night Of The Possessed
  2. Black Injection
  3. ...Of Slaying Grounds
  4. Into The Old And Evil
  5. Orgasmic Rush
  6. Speed Hunter
  7. At The Edge Of Total Chaos
  8. Too Tough To Die

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