Origin: NJ, USA
Genres: Thrash Metal


Hades, one of the standout speed/thrash bands of the eighties, was formed by guitarist Dan Lorenzo in 1978. Following a few singles and compilation appearances (including a Metal Massacre VI track in 1985), they released Resisting Success in 1987 and If At First You Don't Succeed in 1988, both highly regarded as classics in the speed metal field. Following a tour in 1989, though, the band fell apart and broke up. The members scattered to several bands, such as Non-Fiction, Watchtower, Power, and System Addict, though they occasionally played reunion shows throughout the early to mid nineties. After releasing a live album and a leftovers album (Exist To Resist), the band properly reformed in 1998 and have since released three more fine albums, picking up right from where they had left off with If At First.

The band rather quietly broke up shortly after the release of DamNation in 2001, though they may reunite again someday. Lorenzo has since released a solo album, with the title Cassius King, of which more info can be found at his web site below. Ed Furhmann has a new band in the works, Ten Ton Truck, and have just recorded a demo. Also on the Hades front is the announcement of a CD to be released by Monster Records in the summer, featuring old demo and live material.

Current Members

Alan Tecchio

vocals (ex-Non-Fiction, ex-Power, ex-Seven Witches, ex-Watchtower)

Dan Lorenzo

guitars (The Cursed, ex-Non-Fiction)

Ed Fuhrman

guitars (ex-System Addict)

Jimmy Schulman


Ron Lipnicki

drums (Overkill)

Former Members/Guests

Scott LePage


Tom Coombs


Dave Lecsinsky



Resisting Success 
1987 Combat
  1. The Leaders ?
  2. On To Iliad
  3. Legal Tender
  4. Sweet Revenge
  5. Night Stalker
  6. Resist Success
  7. Widow's Mite
  8. The Cross
  9. Masque Of The Red Dea
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Jimmy Schulman
  • Scott LePage
  • Tom Coombs
1987 BNR Top Ten album

If At First You Don't Succeed 
1988 Restless
  1. Opinionate!
  2. In The Mean Time
  3. Rebel Without A Brain
  4. King In Exile
  5. Face The Fat Reality
  6. Outro
  7. I Too Eye
  8. Diplomatic Immunity
  9. Process Of Assimilation
  10. Tears Of Orpheus
  11. Aftermath Of Betrayal
  12. Finale
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Ed Fuhrman
  • Jimmy Schulman
  • Tom Coombs
1988 BNR Top Ten album

Live On Location  LIVE
1991 Grand Slamm
  1. The Leaders?
  2. King in Exile
  3. On to Iliad
  4. In the Meantime
  5. Opinionate!
  6. Rebel Without a Brain
  7. "A"
  8. Rape of Persephone
  9. The Cross
  10. Face the Fat Reality
  11. I Too Eye
  12. Aftermath of Betrayal
  13. Nightstalker
  14. M.E.S. (Technical Difficulties)
  15. Diplomatic Immunity
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Ed Fuhrman
  • Jimmy Schulman
  • Tom Coombs

Exist To Resist 
1995 Black Pumpkin
  1. Exist To Resist
  2. Rape Of Persephone
  3. Doubt
  4. Colorblind
  5. Deter-My-Nation
  6. Throughout Me, Threw Out You
  7. Second Degree Sleepwalking
  8. A
  9. The Other
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Ed Fuhrman
  • Jimmy Schulman
  • Tom Coombs

The Lost Fox Studio Sessions 
1998 independent
  1. The Leaders?
  2. Sweet Revenge
  3. Nightstalker
  4. Resist Success
  5. Gambli' With Your Life
  6. Deter My Nation
  7. Rape Of Persephone
  8. Not A Part Of Your Life
  9. Bete Noir
  10. Thoughout Me, Threw Out You
  11. Amerasian Reparation
  12. King In exile
  13. Opinionate!
  14. A
  15. Easy Way Out

1998 Metal Blade
  1. Savior self
  2. Decline & fall of the American Empire
  3. Our father
  4. Active contrition
  5. To know one
  6. In the words of the profit
  7. The agnostic
  8. Y2K
  9. End of the bargain
  10. Fall
  11. The atheist
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Ed Fuhrman
  • Scott LePage
  • Dave Lecsinsky
1998 BNR Top Ten album

The Downside 
2000 Metal Blade
  1. Ground Zero NYC
  2. Align the Planets
  3. Bitter suite #1
  4. Hoax
  5. Pay the Price
  6. Hail to the Thief
  7. Shove it
  8. It's a Wonderful Lie
  9. Become Dust
  10. Responsible
  11. The Me That Might Have Been
  12. Ground Zero (reprise)
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Ed Fuhrman
  • Dave Lecsinsky

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2001 Metal Blade
  1. Bloast
  2. Out the Window
  3. DamNation
  4. Absorbed
  5. Force Quit
  6. Stressfest
  7. Biocaust
  8. This I Know
  9. Momentary Clarity
  10. California Song
  11. Stop and Go
  12. Bad Vibrations
  • Alan Tecchio
  • Dan Lorenzo
  • Ed Fuhrman
  • Jimmy Schulman
  • Ron Lipnicki

Reviews:   Metal Observer 

1982 - 2002  COMPILATION
2002 independent
  1. Biocasut
  2. Ground Zero NYC
  3. Active Contrition
  4. Exist To Resist
  5. I Too Eye
  6. The Leaders?
  7. Rebel Without A Brain
  8. Process Of Assimilation
  9. Colorblind
  10. The Cross
  11. Gloomy Sunday
  12. Nightstalker
  13. Fiend
  14. Something's Wrong
  15. Tears Of Orpheus
  16. Deter My Nation
  17. A
  18. Legal Tender

Bootlegged In Boston 1988 
2009 Cruz Del Sur

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