Origin: Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA
Genres: Death Metal

Hate Plow  

Hate Plow was originally conceived as a just-for-fun side project in 1994, eventually becoming a full-time concern a couple of years later. The band once featured several members from Malevolent Creation, and the style here isn't far removed from that band, that being fast death/grind metal. They haven't recorded in years but as of 2014 they're apparently still around.

Current Members

Mike Dickson


Phil Fasciana

guitars (Malevolent Creation)

Xaphan (Julian Hollowell)


Dan Simpson


Former Members/Guests

Kyle Symons

vocals (ex-Malevolent Creation)

Rob Barrett

guitars (Cannibal Corpse, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Solstice)

Tim Scott

bass (ex-Revenant)

Doug Humlack


Larry Hawke

drums (ex-Malevolent Creation) RIP: May 24, 1997, smoke inhalation at a fire

Dave Culross

drums (Gorgasm, ex-Incantation, ex-Malevolent Creation, ex-Suffocation)


Everyone Dies 
1998 Pavement
  1. Everybody Dies
  2. Stalker
  3. Prison Bitch
  4. $00 Blow Job
  5. Challenged
  6. The Gift Giver
  7. Crackdown
  8. In The Ditch
  9. Ass to Mouth Resuscitation
  10. Compound
  11. Ante Up
  12. Anally Annie
  13. Denial
  14. Born With Both
  • Kyle Symons
  • Phil Fasciana
  • Rob Barrett
  • Tim Scott
  • Larry Hawke

The Only Law Is Survival 
2000 Pavement
  1. The Only Law Is Survival
  2. Shattered By Disease
  3. Fuck the Millenium
  4. Emotional Catastrophe
  5. Should I Care
  6. Outcast
  7. Addicted To Porn
  8. Traitor
  9. Without Weapons
  10. Payback
  11. Incarcerated
  12. Random Acts Of Violence
  13. Resurgence of Hate
  • Kyle Symons
  • Phil Fasciana
  • Rob Barrett
  • Doug Humlack
  • Dave Culross

Moshpit Murder  LIVE
2004 Arctic
  1. Crack Down
  2. Everybody Dies
  3. The Only Law is Survival
  4. Traitor
  5. FTM
  6. Prison Bitch
  7. Without Weapons
  8. Stalker/Born With Both
  9. In The Ditch
  10. $20 Blow Job
  11. Anally Annie
  12. Ante Up
  13. Born With Both
  14. Everybody Dies
  15. In The Ditch
  16. Addiction
  17. Stalker
  18. The Gift Giver
  19. Payback
  • Kyle Symons
  • Phil Fasciana
  • Rob Barrett
  • Tim Scott
  • Doug Humlack
  • Larry Hawke
  • Dave Culross


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