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Genres: Industrial
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Hanzel Und Gretyl  

The bizarre duo known as Hanzel Und Gretyl formed in 1993, opting for a techno/industrial style foucusing on futuristic/sci-fi themes. They released two albums in the late nineties, and in fact opened for Marilyn Manson on a couple of tours, but their record label, Energy Records, folded soon after the second album (Transmissions From Uranus, in 1997), and due to legal troubles between the label and band, Hanzel Und Gretyl were dormant for several years, until Metropolis Records signed them in 2003. Reborn, the band has since recorded two more albums, most recently Scheissmessiah. The songs here are anthemic, simplistic yet catchy, heavily industrial metal sung in both German and English (an industrial band singing in German will, of course, invite numerous comparisons to Rammstein, and sure enough, these guys aren't a million miles away from that sound). Though hardly complicated or revolutionary, it's pretty cool stuff, infectious and a solid bet for industrial metal fans.

Current Members

Vas Kallas


Rob Loopy


Former Members/Guests

Ginger Bread






Jon Osterman



1995 Energy
  1. Star System Wolf 424
  2. O Gemini 31
  3. Galaxia Malakia
  4. Shine 2001
  5. Stress Pill
  6. Dementia Solaris
  7. Meisterfrau
  8. 38 Lashes
  9. L' Experience des Dificultes Technique
  10. Watch TV Do Nothing
  11. Essen Sheiben und Geld Machen
  12. Apa Mare
  13. Umbra Penumbra
  • Vas Kallas
  • Rob Loopy

Transmissions From Uranus 
1997 Energy
  1. Black Forest Galaxy
  2. 9d Galactic Center
  3. Pleiadian Agenda
  4. Take Me to Your Leader
  5. Zeta Reticula
  6. Homet Ride
  7. Trance Planet Vortex
  8. Robot Logik
  9. Helium Popsicles
  10. Starf****er
  11. Hyper Erotic Joy Helmet
  12. Mutant Starseed Creation
  13. Fireball XLS
  14. Hallo Berlin
  15. Asteronafti
  16. Om Zentrale Station
  • Vas Kallas
  • Rob Loopy
  • Ginger Bread
  • Seven

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Uber Alles 
2003 Metropolis
  1. Overture
  2. Third Reich From The Sun
  3. Ich Bin Über Alles
  4. Komm Zu Uns
  5. Mach Schnell
  6. SS Deathstar Supergalactik
  7. Let the Planets Burn
  8. Intermission

  9. Verbotenland
  10. Transplutonian Annihilation
  11. Mein Kommandant
  12. Aufweidersehen
  • Vas Kallas
  • Rob Loopy

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos 

2004 Metropolis
  1. Lust
  2. Fikk Dich Mit Fire
  3. Kaiser von Shizer
  4. Disko Fire Scheiss Messiah
  5. Blut! Zex ! Fire!
  6. Burning Bush
  7. Scheissway to Hell
  8. And We Shall Purify
  9. 1Oth Circle
  10. Hellalujah
  11. Purity
  • Vas Kallas
  • Rob Loopy
  • Anna
  • Jon Osterman

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(EP) Oktötenfest 2006 
2005 Metropolis
  1. Prost!
  2. Stern Krieg
  3. Fukken Uber Death Party
  4. Zum Wohl!
  • Vas Kallas
  • Rob Loopy

2012: Zwanzig Zwölf 
2006 Metropolis
  1. Übermensch Überfrau
  2. Fukken Über Death Party
  3. Loud Und Proud
  4. Kaizerreich
  5. Deathschläger
  6. Number 1 In Deutschland
  7. Hail To The Darkside
  8. Bavarian Bierhaus Blood
  9. Das Boot
  10. Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle
  11. Lederhosen Macht Frei
  12. Sternkrieg
  13. Tötenhead
  • Vas Kallas
  • Rob Loopy

Born To Be Heiled 
2012 Metropolis
  1. Hanzel und Gretyl für Immer
  2. Understutzung 87
  3. Blitzkrieger und Hellriderz
  4. Hammerzeit
  5. Der Furor
  6. Born to Be Heiled
  7. Holy Shiza
  8. Motorschwein
  9. I'm Movin' to Deutschland
  10. Ironstar Outlaws
  11. More German Than German

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