Origin: Berkeley, CA, USA
Genres: Progressive Metal

Gordian Knot  

Gordian Knot is the solo venture of former Cynic bassist Sean Malone, who also plays a rather unique instrument known as the Chapman stick. So far two albums have been released, both with different lineups, with the two lineups loaded with superstars from the prog metal/rock world. Reviewed here is Emergent, the latter of the two releases. There isn't a lot here in the traditional metal sense, and despite the fact that all of the Cynic guys make appearances, there's very little that sounds like old Cynic either. What is on offer is an expressive, emotive jazzy prog-rock style, with an occasional hard riff here and there but more often a more relaxed, controlled feel. The musicians are able to make their individual presence known without the songs become pointless solofests. This isn't exactly headbanging material, but it is superbly crafted music in its own right. There is no question that progressive rock/metal fans will find Gordian Knot one of the best in the field.

Current Members

Sean Malone

bass/chapman stick (ex-Aghora, ex-Cynic, ex-O.S.I.)

Jim Matheos

guitars (Arch/Matheos, Fates Warning, O.S.I.)

Paul Masvidal

guitars (ex-Cynic, ex-Death, ex-Master)

Jason Gobel

guitars (ex-Cynic, ex-Monstrosity)

Steve Hackett


Sean Reinert

drums (ex-Aghora, ex-Cynic, ex-Death)

Bill Bruford


Former Members/Guests

Glenn Snelwar


Trey Gunn


Ron Jarzombek

guitars (Blotted Science, ex-Slayer (SA), Spastic Ink, Watchtower)


Gordian Knot 
1998 Sensory
  1. Galois
  2. Code/Anticode
  3. Reflections
  4. Megrez
  5. Singularity
  6. Redemption's Way
  7. Komm Susser Tod. Komm Sel'ge
  8. Rivers Dancing
  9. Srikara Tal
  • Sean Malone
  • Glenn Snelwar
  • Trey Gunn
  • Ron Jarzombek
  • Sean Reinert

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2003 Sensory
  1. Arsis
  2. Muttersprache
  3. A Shaman's Whisper
  4. Fischer's Gambit
  5. Grace (Live)
  6. Some Brighter Thing
  7. The Brook The Ocean
  8. Singing Deep Mountain
  • Sean Malone
  • Jim Matheos
  • Paul Masvidal
  • Jason Gobel
  • Steve Hackett
  • Sean Reinert
  • Bill Bruford

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