Origin: Montreal, QC, Canada
Genres: Death Metal
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Ghoulunatics are a bit of an oddity -- first, their strange name might conjur images of a Rob Zombie- style horror outfit, rather than death metal. Secondly, when one sees "death metal" and "Quebec" in the same sentence, the expectation is the sort of hyperactive, ferociously technical death metal of Kataklysm or Cryptopsy or any of several other respected death metal bands from that region, and these guys are on the other end of the spectrum. So, putting aside any preconceived notions that one might have of this band, the fact is that Ghoulunatics is a pretty interesting groove-infused death metal band, with song structures and tempos a bit more straightforward than traditional death metal, verging on the death rock style that Entombed made famous a few years ago (though these guys really don't sound much like Entombed). At times the songs tend to run together, as there isn't a lot of variety from song to song, but the groove aspect of the band is a welcome touch. Not the most essential band of all time, but an enjoyable one.

Following the decision of vocalist Pat Mireault to step down from the band in late 2007, Ghoulunatics has decided to retire, with a few farewell gigs in 2008 being the last performances by the group.

Current Members

Pat Mireault


Pat Gordon


Francis Dubois


Gary Lyons


Brian Craig

drums (Destiny's End, New Eden, Seven Witches)

Former Members/Guests

Jarrod Martin


Mark Hill-Anderson



Carving Into You 
1999 self-released
  1. Carving Into You
  2. Brother Worm
  3. Timeless Time
  4. Plenitude
  5. L'eveil Du Drag-On
  6. Trial
  7. Drowning
  8. Nature Morte
  9. Creepy Crawly
  10. Presence
  • Pat Mireault
  • Pat Gordon
  • Gary Lyons
  • Brian Craig

2000 self-released
  1. Interlude/Cold Fish
  2. Blood Curdling Tale
  3. Mystralengine
  4. Devours and Adores
  5. Nature Morte
  6. Howling Season
  7. Mighty Empire
  8. Lifeless Story
  9. Carving into You (LIVE)
  10. Pléntitude (LIVE)
  11. Creepy Crawly (LIVE)
  12. Nature Morte (LIVE)
  13. Buttman & Rocco (LIVE)
  • Pat Mireault
  • Pat Gordon
  • Jarrod Martin
  • Gary Lyons
  • Brian Craig

King Of The Undead 
2001 Galy
  1. King of the Undead
  2. Mobster Fiesta Extravaganza
  3. Mélodrame
  4. Tower 311
  5. Oh God! The Stench
  6. Pernicious Sentence
  7. Suspicious Minds
  8. Brother Worm "Slimy One"
  9. Laic
  10. Red Shovel
  11. Exuviae
  12. Agony Column
  • Pat Mireault
  • Pat Gordon
  • Jarrod Martin
  • Gary Lyons
  • Brian Craig

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It's A Live! 
2004 Galy
  1. Intro
  2. Creepy Crawly
  3. Mobster Fiesta Extravaganza
  4. Mystralengine
  5. King of the Undead
  6. Tower 311
  7. Melodrame
  8. Howling Seasons
  9. Oh! God the Stench
  10. Cold Fish
  11. Laic
  12. Red Shovel
  13. Nature Morte
  14. Exuviae
  15. Blood Curdling Tale
  • Pat Mireault
  • Pat Gordon
  • Mark Hill-Anderson
  • Gary Lyons
  • Brian Craig

2004 Galy
  1. Beastial Behaviour
  2. Ashes to Ashes, Costs a Lot
  3. Alone With the Seasons
  4. Sabacthany
  5. Wind up Dead
  6. Axe, my Deadly Friend
  7. Nothing More
  8. Two Legged Disease
  9. Fresh Meat Without Chemicals
  10. Mr.Reggid's Garden
  11. Grave Concern
  12. Roadkill Parade
  13. Right to Pass
  • Pat Mireault
  • Pat Gordon
  • Mark Hill-Anderson
  • Gary Lyons
  • Brian Craig

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2006 Galy
  1. Exérèse
  2. 1412 De Malines
  3. Raz-De-Mariage
  4. Monstrueusement vôtre
  5. Engrenage
  6. Cryogénie
  7. Guerrier Pixélisé
  8. L’Invité
  9. Eclats de Cerveau
  10. Vox Clamatis in Deserto
  • Pat Mireault
  • Pat Gordon
  • Francis Dubois
  • Gary Lyons
  • Brian Craig


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