Origin: Slovakia
Genres: Gothic Metal
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This Slovakian band dates back to 1995, founded by bassist/vocalist (and sole original member left) Dodo Datel, and have released several albums over the years with varying lineups. Reviewed here is World Under World, their 5th album released in 2004. The music on World Under World might best be described as dark gothic doom-influenced metal (doom-influenced in that they generally play at doom speed but aren't really in the true doom mold), with an excellent sense of pace and majesty. Datel's vocals are of the black metal variety, with complementary clean female vocals providing a nice balance. There's also a neat experimental side, evidenced by the techno-flavored "Sex On The Dancefloor", more of this kind of branching out would be most welcome. As it stands Galadriel is a very underrated band, deserving of greater exposure outside their homeland.

Current Members

Dodo Datel


Sona Witch Kozakova


Tomax Gabris


Mr. Appen


Former Members/Guests

Voloda Zadrapa


Chulo Malachovsky


Gabriel Holenka


Matus Hanus


Skkipi Skuppin


Erik Schmer






Victor Gieci


Lukash Shushka



Empire Of Emptiness 
  1. Empire Of Emptiness
  2. Solitude
  3. Sad Leaves Of The Dying Rose
  4. One Lost Child
  5. Kingdom Under The Ocean
  6. Silence And Screams
  7. Immortal Visions
  8. Dreaming Memories
  9. Tears Of Emptiness
  • Dodo Datel
  • Sona Witch Kozakova
  • Voloda Zadrapa
  • Chulo Malachovsky
  • Victor Gieci

The Mirror Of Ages 
  1. The Forest Lullaby
  2. The Flower And Dark Butterfly
  3. Fear In Their Eyes
  4. Twilight Time
  5. In The Garden Of Lost Shades
  6. 1848
  7. Vampirian Love
  8. Lost Paths Of Unicorns
  9. The Battle By Wogastisburg
  10. Solitude (bonus track)
  • Dodo Datel
  • Sona Witch Kozakova
  • Voloda Zadrapa
  • Chulo Malachovsky
  • Tomax Gabris
  • Erik Schmer
  • Victor Gieci

  1. On The Wings Of Gwaihir
  2. Strokes Of Desire
  3. As Your Body Burns
  4. Blindness
  5. Lavondyss
  6. The Evening And Then Came Night
  7. My December
  8. It Ends When Moon Loses ItsFace
  9. Rivers Of Oblivion
  10. Dowina
  11. Acheron
  • Dodo Datel
  • Sona Witch Kozakova
  • Tomax Gabris
  • Gabriel Holenka
  • J.S.K.
  • Victor Gieci

From Ashes & Dust 
2002 Metal Age
  1. Thorns
  2. From Ashes & Dust
  3. Strong One Against The Storm
  4. Dark Erotica
  5. A Horned Man
  6. Im The Everything
  7. 2848
  8. Armies Of Valinor
  9. Among Your Tears
  10. The Bards Song - The Hobbit
  • Dodo Datel
  • Sona Witch Kozakova
  • Tomax Gabris
  • J.S.K.
  • Victor Gieci

World Under World 
2004 Metal Age
  1. Under Wings Of The Fallen One
  2. The End Of Eternity
  3. Imaginary Sins
  4. The Fall
  5. Bleeding Heart's Poetry
  6. I Closed Your Book
  7. Noxious Humanity
  8. Insanity & Suffering
  9. Sex In The Underworld
  10. The Grave Is The Last
  • Dodo Datel
  • Tomax Gabris
  • Matus Hanus
  • Lukash Shushka

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Empty Mirrors Of Oblivion  COMPILATION
  1. The Evening...And Then Came The Night
  2. As Your Body Burns
  3. Blindness
  4. Lavondyss
  5. My December
  6. Strokes Of Desire
  7. It Ends When The Moon Loses Its Face
  8. Rivers Of Oblivion
  9. Dowina
  10. Acheron
  11. The Forest Lullaby
  12. Twilight Time
  13. The Flower And Dark Butterfly
  14. Fear In Their Eyes
  15. In The Garden Of Lost Shades
  16. 1848
  17. Vampirian Love
  18. Lost Paths Of Unicorns
  19. The Battle By Wogastisburg
  20. Empire Of Emptiness (intro)
  21. Solitude
  22. Sad Leaves Of The Dying Rose
  23. One Lost Child
  24. Silence And Screams
  25. Dreaming Memories
  26. Tears Of Emptiness

Renascence Of Ancient Spirit 
2007 Metal Age
  1. Ode To The Earth
  2. Between The Worlds
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Renascence of Ancient Spirit
  5. Sorrowful Planet
  6. No More Light
  7. The Autumn Leaves
  8. A Grain Of Sand
  • Dodo Datel
  • Sona Witch Kozakova
  • Matus Hanus
  • Skkipi Skuppin
  • Fear

The 7th Queen Enthroned 
  1. Evilution
  2. Crucifixion DeLuxe
  3. Still Not Dead Enough
  4. This World Is War
  5. The Last Time
  6. Labyrinth
  7. Mother Is Dying
  8. Eosphorus
  • Dodo Datel
  • Sona Witch Kozakova
  • Tomax Gabris
  • Mr. Appen

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