Origin: Northern Ireland
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Gama Bomb  

The retro thrash craze continues to flourish, this time with Northern Ireland contributing a band by the name of Gama Bomb. They debuted with the short-but-sweet Survival Of The Fastest in 2005 before Earache added them to their ever-expanding thrash roster, releasing the wonderfully titled Citizen Brain in 2008. Most every song is under three minutes and they all race along at the speed of light -- really, explanations are unnecessary with these kinds of bands, they don't pretend to be anything other than 80's thrash worshippers, and for many, that's just fine. Now on the AFM roster, they're continuing their retro onslaught with an EP and a full-length in 2013.

Current Members

Philly Byrne


Domo Dixon


John Roche

guitars (ex-Slave Zero)

Joe McGuigan


Paul Caffrey


Former Members/Guests

Kevy Canavan


Luke Graham



Survival Of The Fastest 
2005 self-released
  1. Zombie Creeping Flesh
  2. Steel Teeth (The Metal Jaw)
  3. Zombie Kommand
  4. Atomizer
  5. Fortified Zone
  6. Racists!
  7. Scientists?
  8. Hell Trucker
  9. Nuke the Skeets
  10. Skellington Crew
  11. Bullet Belt
  • Philly Byrne
  • Kevy Canavan
  • Luke Graham
  • Joe McGuigan
  • Paul Caffrey

Citizen Brain 
2008 Earache
  1. Zombie Blood Nightmare
  2. Evil Voices
  3. Final Fight
  4. Time Crime
  5. Global Warming
  6. OCP
  7. Hammer Slammer
  8. Sentenced to Thrash
  9. Zombi Brew
  10. Hell Trucker
  11. Return of the Technodrome
  12. Thrashaholic
  13. In the Court of General Zod
  14. Space Invaders
  15. Bullet Belt
  • Philly Byrne
  • Kevy Canavan
  • Domo Dixon
  • Luke Graham
  • Joe McGuigan
  • Paul Caffrey

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Tales From The Grave In Space 
2009 Earache
  1. Slam Anthem
  2. New Eliminators of Atlantis B.C.
  3. Three Witches
  4. Last Ninjas Unite
  5. Escape From Scarecrow Mountain
  6. Mussolini Mosh
  7. We Respect You
  8. Apocalypse 1997
  9. Return to Blood Castle
  10. Polterghost
  11. Skeletron
  12. Mummy Invasion
  • Philly Byrne
  • Domo Dixon
  • Luke Graham
  • Joe McGuigan
  • Paul Caffrey

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(EP) Terrorscope 
2013 AFM
  1. Terrorscope
  2. 666% Insane
  3. Jaws 4
  4. Terrorscope (spanish version)
  • Philly Byrne
  • Domo Dixon
  • John Roche
  • Joe McGuigan
  • Paul Caffrey

The Terror Tapes 
2013 AFM
  1. The Wrong Stuff
  2. Legend of Speed
  3. Backwards Bible
  4. Beverly Hills Robocop
  5. Smoke the Blow with Willem Dafoe
  6. We Started the Fire
  7. Terrorscope
  8. The Cannibals Are in the Streets - All Flesh Must Be Eaten
  9. Shitting Yourself to Live
  10. Matrioshka Brain
  11. Metal Idiot
  12. Wrecking Ball
  • Philly Byrne
  • Domo Dixon
  • John Roche
  • Joe McGuigan
  • Paul Caffrey

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