Origin: England
Genres: Viking Metal
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Forefather was formed in 1997 by a pair of brothers interested in creating "Anglo-Saxon metal", meaning music that honors their heritage. Their music has strong elements of black metal, and they are frequently described as such (much to the brothers' displeasure), though they are better placed in the viking metal camp -- like many such bands, they combine black metal riffing with a more rollicking vocal style (some clean singing, some black singing), and, of course, lyrics dealing with the days of yore. Nicely done.

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Deep Into Time 
1999 Angelisc
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

Legends Unfold 
2000 Millennium
  1. The Fyrdman Cometh
  2. Winds Of Eternal Freedom
  3. Visions Of Elders
  4. These Lands
  5. The Path Of Yesterdays
  6. These Lands II
  7. Ancient Voice
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

The Fighting Man 
2000 Angelisc
  1. The Fighting Man
  2. A New Dawn
  3. Together They Stood
  4. For These Shores
  5. The Call To Arms
  6. Out Of Darkness
  7. The Paths Of Yesterdays
  8. The Last Battle
  9. When Our England Died
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

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Engla Tocyme 
2002 Angelisc
  1. Engla Tocyme
  2. Into The Forever
  3. Iron Hand
  4. Fifeldor
  5. The Swan's Road
  6. Forever In Chains
  7. The Fate Of Kings
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

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Ours Is The Kingdom 
2004 Karmageddon Media
  1. The Shield-Wall
  2. Ours Is The Kingdom
  3. Proud To Be Proud
  4. The Golden Dragon
  5. Smashed By Fate
  6. The Sea Kings
  7. To The Mountains They Fled
  8. The Folk That Time Forgot
  9. Threads Of Time
  10. Keep Marching On
  11. Rebel Of The Marshlands & Wudugast
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

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2008 Seven Kingdoms
  1. Brunanburh
  2. Cween of the Mark
  3. Theodish Belief
  4. Hallowed Halls
  5. Steadfast
  6. Three Great Ships
  7. Eostre
  8. Fire From the Sky
  9. Mellowing of the Mains
  10. Wolfhead's Tree
  11. Miri it is
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

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Last Of The Line 
2011 Seven Kingdoms
  1. Cometh The King
  2. Last Of The Line
  3. Chorus Of Steel
  4. By Thy Deeds
  5. Up High
  6. Wolves Of Prayer
  7. Wyrda Gesceaft
  8. Doomsday Dawns
  9. Shadows Of The Dead
  10. Spears Of Faith
  11. The Downfallen
  12. Into The Rising Sun
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

Curse Of The Cwelled 
  1. Havoc on Holy Island
  2. The Anvil
  3. By My Lord I Will Lie
  4. Fire of Baited Blood
  5. Curse of the Cwelled
  6. Awakened Hate
  7. Painted with Blood
  8. Rustics to Remain
  9. Edge of Oblivion
  10. Masters of Fate
  11. The River-Maid's Fairwell
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan

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(EP) Tales From A Cloud-Born Land 
2017 Seven Kingdoms
  1. Opening
  2. Two Sacred Oaks
  3. One Blood and One Bone
  4. Strongbow's Death
  5. In Victory We Feast
  6. Out of Time
  7. Daughter of Twilight
  • Wulfstan
  • Athelstan


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