Origin: England
Genres: Stoner Rock
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So this is where Bill Steer ended up after Carcass broke up. Firebird is a million miles away from Steer's previous bands, insteading opting for a bluesy, stoner rock groove that has often often been likened to Cream. Not as heavy as many of the stoner bands currently making the rounds, Firebird is nonetheless an interesting group.

Current Members

Bill Steer

vocals/guitars (ex-Angel Witch, Carcass, ex-Napalm Death)

Greyum May


Ludwig Witt

drums (Grand Magus, Spiritual Beggars)

Former Members/Guests

Leo Smee

bass (ex-Cathedral, With The Dead)

Roger Nilsson

bass (The Quill, ex-Spiritual Beggars)

Al Steer


Smok Smoczkiewicz


Jolle Atlagic

drums (The Quill)


2000 Music Cartel
  1. Meantime
  2. Torn Down
  3. Stranger To Himself
  4. Bollard
  5. One Trick Pony
  6. Raise A Smile
  7. Hardened Sole
  8. Fat Cat Groan
  9. Caught In The Quagmire
  10. Through The Fields
  • Bill Steer
  • Leo Smee
  • Ludwig Witt

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2001 Music For Nations
  1. Dirt Trap
  2. Forsaken
  3. Hammer And Tongs
  4. Steamroller
  5. Miles From Nowhere
  6. Zoltana
  7. Lonely And Sober
  8. Sinner Takes All
  9. Sad Man's Quarter
  10. Slow Blues
  • Bill Steer
  • Leo Smee
  • Ludwig Witt

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No. 3 
2003 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Cross The Line
  2. Tumbling Down
  3. Stoned Believer
  4. Station
  5. Hard Hearted
  6. End Of The Day
  7. Long Gone
  8. Off The Leash
  9. Dream Ride
  10. Friend
  • Bill Steer
  • Roger Nilsson
  • Jolle Atlagic

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Hot Wings 
2006 Rise Above
  1. Carousel
  2. Good Times
  3. Misty Morning
  4. Play The Fool
  5. Horse Drawn Man
  6. Overnight
  7. Bow Bells
  8. Flying Blind
  9. I Wish You Well
  10. Needle In The Groove
  11. Last Days Of August
  • Bill Steer
  • Al Steer
  • Ludwig Witt

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Grand Union 
2009 Rise Above
  1. Blue Flame
  2. Jack The Lad
  3. Lonely Road
  4. Fool For You
  5. Silent Stranger
  6. Release Me
  7. Wild Honey
  8. Gold Label
  9. Worried Mind
  10. See The Light
  11. Four Day Creep
  12. Caledonia
  • Bill Steer
  • Smok Smoczkiewicz
  • Ludwig Witt

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Double Diamond 
2010 Rise Above
  1. Soul Saviour
  2. Ruined
  3. Bright Lights
  4. For Crying Out Loud
  5. Farewell
  6. A Wing & A Prayer
  7. Pound Of Flesh
  8. Arabesque
  9. Lose Your Delusions
  10. Pantomime
  • Bill Steer
  • Greyum May
  • Ludwig Witt

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