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Fear Of God  

Basically a few lineup mutations from the thrash band Detente, Fear Of God's short, chaotic existence produced two albums, the brilliant Within The Veil and the rather average Toxic Voodoo, with enigmatic frontwoman Dawn Crosby being the only common link, and also the only FOG member from the Detente era. Within The Veil is an absolute masterpiece, a dark, moody affair, featuring a stunning vocal performance by Crosby. She uses her voice in a similar style to King Diamond -- sometimes singing, sometimes screaming, sometimes talking -- to give an eerie mood to the music. Musically the band approached doom metal, but not in the traditional sense, and in general the style was quite unique. Unfortunately, internal strife within the band led to several lineup changes, and by the time Toxic Voodoo was released, the band was more along the lines of an average death/thrash metal band, with Crosby's vocals less pronounced and the music lacking much of the darkness and intensity of the debut. With Crosby's passing away in December of 1996 (complications due to alcohol abuse), the band was more or less finished, though some members decided to push on, eventually (several member changes removed from the Toxic Voodoo lineup) emerging as Fog, releasing one album before they too disbanded.

Current Members

Dawn Crosby

vocals (ex-Detente) RIP: December 15, 1996, acute liver failure

Chris Kalandras


Randy Bobzien


Rob Michael

bass (ex-Have Mercy)

John Grden

drums (ex-Fog) RIP: June 4, 2015, age 50

Former Members/Guests

Michael Carlino


Blair Darby


Steve Cordova



Within The Veil 
1991 Warner Bros.
  1. All that Remains
  2. Betrayed
  3. Emily
  4. Red to Grey
  5. Diseased
  6. Wasted Time
  7. Love's Death
  8. White Door
  9. Drift
  • Dawn Crosby
  • Michael Carlino
  • Blair Darby
  • Steve Cordova
1991 BNR Top Ten album

Reviews:   Sputnik Music 

Toxic Voodoo 
1994 Pavement
  1. Beyond the Veil
  2. Cloud Chamber
  3. Swine Song
  4. Burnt
  5. Feed Time
  6. Mercy
  7. Santismo
  8. Will of Evil
  9. Worms
  • Dawn Crosby
  • Chris Kalandras
  • Randy Bobzien
  • Rob Michael
  • John Grden


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