Origin: Japan
Genres: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
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Eternal Elysium  

Eternal Elysium ranks alongside Church Of Misery as the leading Japanese stoner/doom band currently in the scene. Though a healthy Sabbath influence is very evident, they are far less doomy than many of their ilk, and while the stoner vibe is also present, they are more metallic than the Fu Manchus of the world. Best soundalikes might be very early Kyuss or perhaps The Atomic Bitchwax. These guys are a blast to listen to, definitely a thumbs up for 70's-styled metal/rock fans.

Current Members

Yukito Okazaki


Tana Haugo


Antonio Ishikawa


Former Members/Guests

Atsutoshi Tachimoto


Eiichi Okuyama


Toshiaki Umemura


Jiro Murakami


Takashi Kuroda


Rio Okuya



1996 Cornucopia
  1. Sunrise Again
  2. Doomsday Recitation
  3. Suffer
  4. Rest In Piece
  5. With Zero
  6. Pasttime Is Endtime
  7. Ancestral Message
  8. Faithful
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Atsutoshi Tachimoto
  • Jiro Murakami

Spiritualized D 
2000 MeteorCity
  1. W.T.G.B. (remix)
  2. Splendid, selfish woman (new version)
  3. Floating Downer
  4. Trick or steal
  5. What a difference a day makes (remix)
  6. Stone wedge
  7. Easygoin' (remix)
  8. Innocent Exile (remix)
  9. Faithful '99 (new version)
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Eiichi Okuyama
  • Takashi Kuroda

2002 MeteorCity
  1. Schizy
  2. Feel The Beat
  3. Movements And Vibes
  4. Waiting For The Sun
  5. Machine
  6. No Answer
  7. Love Is All
  8. Dogma
  9. Fairies Never Sleep
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Toshiaki Umemura
  • Rio Okuya

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Searching Low & High 
2005 Diwphalanx
  1. Reefer Happiness
  2. Not So Far
  3. Hazy Sublime
  4. Twilight High
  5. Approaching Stranger On The Electric Trail Of Dreams
  6. No Isolation
  7. Before The Morning Comes
  8. Green Song
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Tana Haugo
  • Antonio Ishikawa

Eternal Elysium / Black Cobra (split) 
2007 Diwphalanx
  1. Shadowed Flower
  2. Northern Smile
  3. Golden Seaweed
  4. Absent Pain
  5. Five Daggers [Black Cobra]
  6. The Sapphire Falcon [Black Cobra]
  7. Below the Cusp [Black Cobra]
  8. Thanos [Black Cobra]
  9. Red Tide [Black Cobra]
  10. Ascension [Black Cobra]
  11. Swords for Teeth [Black Cobra]
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Tana Haugo
  • Antonio Ishikawa

(EP) Mysterious Views In Stone Garden 
2007 Diwphalanx
  1. Shadowed Flower
  2. Northern Smile
  3. Absent Pain
  4. Views On C#
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Tana Haugo
  • Antonio Ishikawa

Within The Triad 
2009 Diwphalanx
  1. Agent Of Doom
  2. Sunset Puff
  3. Cashed
  4. DPS
  5. Gravity Bound Conduits For Astral Transmission
  6. Space Inn
  7. Blues For Third Stone
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Tana Haugo
  • Antonio Ishikawa

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(EP) Highflyer 
  1. Highflyer (Theme for Shinya Ishikawa)
  2. Map
  3. Circulation
  4. Highflyer - Down Not Out
  • Yukito Okazaki
  • Tana Haugo
  • Antonio Ishikawa


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