Origin: Padova, Italy
Genres: Progressive Metal, Black Metal
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Ephel Duath  

A band as odd and ecletic as its name might imply, Ephel Duath pushed the boundaries of extreme music with each successive release. It all started as a two-man project with Phormula, released in 2000 on the then-new Code666 label. Blending black and progressive metal isn't entirely unknown these days, but back then it was pretty unique, and the album established the band as a unique force in extreme metal. Following a signing to the Elitist label and a repackaging of the debut (hence, Rephormula), the pair split, with Davide Tiso taking the reins, recruiting various new members, and taking the band into uncharted waters, blending progressive, jazz, hardcore, and other influences metal and non. An interesting latecomer to the scene was Karyn Crisis, who hadn't been heard from much since her days in the excellent Crisis (additionally, she ended up marrying Tiso). Finally, Tiso decided to put the band to rest in December 2014, marking the end of one strange, unique, and groundbreaking metal act. Tiso and Crisis have since put together Gospel Of The Witches.

Current Members

Karyn Crisis

vocals (ex-Crisis, Gospel Of The Witches)

Davide Tiso

guitars/keyboards/vocals (Aborym, Gospel Of The Witches)

Marco Minnemann


Former Members/Guests

Luciano George Lorusso


Davide Tolomei


Giuliano Mogicato


Riccardo Pasini


Fabio Fecchio


Steve DiGiorgio (guest)

bass (ex-Artension, ex-Autopsy, Control Denied, Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Death, ex-Dragonlord, Futures End, Iced Earth, Painmuseum, Quo Vadis, ex-Sadus, Scariot, Testament, Vintersorg)

Davide Piovesan



2000 Code666
  1. Embossed
  2. The Greyness Grows Already Old
  3. Danza
  4. A Flickering Warmth
  5. Myriad
  6. Pursuing The Instinct
  7. The Blow's Rhymer
  8. Elapsed
  • Davide Tiso
  • Giuliano Mogicato

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2001 Elitist
  1. The Embossed
  2. Greyness Grows Already Old
  3. The Danza
  4. The Flickering Warmth
  5. Myriads
  6. Phormula
  7. The Blow's Rhymers
  8. Insomnia's Desert
  9. Embossed (on the corpse)
  10. Instinkt
  11. Opera 1
  12. Aldulta Hieme: The Magnificence
  13. Falling ...
  • Davide Tiso
  • Giuliano Mogicato

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The Painter's Palette 
2003 Elitist
  1. The Passage
  2. The Unpoetic Circle
  3. Labyrinthine
  4. Praha
  5. The Picture
  6. Ruins
  7. Ironical Communion
  8. My Glassy Shelter
  9. The Other's Touch
  • Luciano George Lorusso
  • Davide Tolomei
  • Davide Tiso
  • Fabio Fecchio
  • Davide Piovesan

Pain Necessary To Know 
2005 Elitist
  1. New Disorder
  2. Vector, Third Movement
  3. Pleonasm
  4. Few Stars, No Refrain And A Cigarette
  5. Crystalline Whirl
  6. I Killed Rebecca
  7. Vector
  8. Vector, Second Movement
  9. Imploding
  • Luciano George Lorusso
  • Davide Tiso
  • Riccardo Pasini
  • Fabio Fecchio
  • Davide Piovesan

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Pain Remixes The Known 
2007 Earache
  1. Hole I
  2. Hole II
  3. Hole III
  4. Hole IV
  5. Hole V
  6. Hole VI
  7. Hole VII
  8. Hole VIII
  9. Hole IX

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Through My Dog's Eyes 
2008 Earache
  1. Gift
  2. Promenade
  3. Breed
  4. Silent Door
  5. Bella Morte
  6. Nina
  7. Guardian
  8. Spider Shaped Leaves
  9. Bark Loud
  • Luciano George Lorusso
  • Davide Tiso
  • Marco Minnemann

(EP) On Death And Cosmos 
2012 Agonia
  1. Black Prism
  2. Raqia
  3. Stardust Rain
  • Karyn Crisis
  • Davide Tiso
  • Steve DiGiorgio
  • Marco Minnemann

Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness 
2013 Agonia
  1. Feathers Under My Skin
  2. Tracing the Path of Blood
  3. When Mind Escapes Flesh
  4. Within This Soil
  5. Those Gates to Nothing
  6. Through Flames I Shield
  7. Hemmed by Light
  8. Shaped by Darkness
  • Karyn Crisis
  • Davide Tiso
  • Marco Minnemann

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