Origin: England
Genres: Doom Metal
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Electric Wizard  

For pure, unadulterated doom, they don't come much heavier than England's Electric Wizard. The band rarely approaches even a midpaced tune -- they're slow, they're heavy, and they're cool. The self-titled debut sticks pretty closely to the classic doom format, while the later material is slightly more stoner/spacey in nature (though in general the style of the band is pretty consistent). Though occasionally on the monotonous side (Supercoven, for example), the sheer heaviness of it all makes these guys essential for extreme doom fans.

After existing as a stable trio for almost a decade, 2003 saw the rhythm section of Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening leaving the band, forming Ramesses. Lone surviving member Jus Osborn soon recruited a new lineup, and the first album with the new members, We Live, was released in 2004.

Current Members

Jus Osborn


Liz Buckingham

guitars (Sourvein)

Clayton Burgess


Mark Greening

drums (Ramesses)

Former Members/Guests

Tim Bagshaw

bass (Ramesses)

Rob Al-Issa




Justin Greaves

drums (Iron Monkey, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine)

Shaun Rutter



Electric Wizard 
1995 Rise Above
  1. Stone Magnet
  2. Mourning Prayer
  3. Mountains of Mars
  4. Behemoth
  5. Devil's Bride
  6. Black Butterfly
  7. Electric Wizard
  • Jus Osborn
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Mark Greening

Come My Fanatics ... 
1996 Rise Above
  1. Return Trip
  2. Wizard In Black
  3. Doom-Mantia
  4. Ivixor B - Phase Inducer
  5. Son Of Nothing
  6. Solarian 13
  • Jus Osborn
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Mark Greening

(EP) Chrono.naut 
1997 Man's Ruin
  1. Chrono.Naut
  2. Chrono.Naut Phase II (Chaos Revealed)
  • Jus Osborn
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Mark Greening

(EP) Supercoven 
1998 Bad Acid
  1. Supercoven
  2. Burnout
  3. Wizards Of Gore
  4. Electric Wizard (Live)
  • Jus Osborn
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Mark Greening

2000 Rise Above
  1. Vinum Sabbathi
  2. Funeralopolis
  3. Weird Tales/Electric Frost/Golgotha/Altar...
  4. Barbarian
  5. I, the Witchfinder
  6. The Hills Hve Eyes
  7. We Hate You
  8. Dopethrone
  • Jus Osborn
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Mark Greening

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Let Us Prey 
2002 Rise Above
  1. Chosen Few
  2. We, The Undead
  3. Master Of Alchemy
  4. The Outsider
  5. Night Of The Shape
  6. Priestess Of Mars
  • Jus Osborn
  • Tim Bagshaw
  • Mark Greening

Reviews:   Sea Of Tranquility 

We Live 
2004 Rise Above
  1. Eko Eko Azarek I: Invocation
  2. Eko Eko Azarek II: Ritual
  3. We Live
  4. Flower of Evil a.k.a. Malfiore
  5. Another Perfect Day
  6. The sun has turned to Black
  7. Saturn's Children
  • Jus Osborn
  • Liz Buckingham
  • Rob Al-Issa
  • Justin Greaves

Witchcult Today 
2007 Rise Above
  1. Witchcult Today
  2. Dunwich
  3. Satanic Rites Of Drugula
  4. Raptus
  5. The Chosen Few
  6. Torquemada 71
  7. Black Magic Rituals & Perversions
  8. Saturnine
  • Jus Osborn
  • Liz Buckingham
  • Rob Al-Issa
  • Shaun Rutter

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Black Masses 
2010 Rise Above
  1. Black Masses
  2. Venus In Furs
  3. Night Child
  4. Patterns Of Evil
  5. Satyr IX
  6. Turn Off Your Mind
  7. Scorpio Curse
  8. Crypt Of Drugula
  • Jus Osborn
  • Liz Buckingham
  • Tas
  • Shaun Rutter

Reviews:   Blabbermouth  Sea Of Tranquility  Lords Of Metal  Metal Underground  Metal Forces 

(EP) Legalise Drugs And Murder 
  1. Legalise Drugs & Murder
  2. Satyr IX (demo 2012 remastered)
  3. Murder & Madness
  4. Patterns of Evil (remix 2012)
  5. Lucifer (We've Gone Too Far) (unreleased outtake)
  6. Our Witchcult Grows... (outro)
  • Jus Osborn
  • Liz Buckingham
  • Clayton Burgess
  • Mark Greening

Time To Die 
2014 Spinefarm
  1. Incense for the Damned
  2. Time to Die
  3. I Am Nothing
  4. Destroy Those Who Love God Instrumental
  5. Funeral of Your Mind
  6. We Love the Dead
  7. SadioWitch
  8. Lucifer's Slaves
  9. Saturn Dethroned


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