Origin: Sweden
Genres: Doom Metal
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The Equinox Ov The Gods  

Taking their name from an Aleister Crowley book, The Equinox Ov The Gods were formed in 1990 and have plying their gothic/doom trade for a number of years, releasing their first album in 1996 and following that up with two more, the latest being the oft-delayed Where Angels Dare Not Tread. Theirs is a relatively straightforward take on dark metal, sounding not a million miles away from bands such as Rotting Christ. They last recorded in 2009.

Current Members

Fredrik Wallin


Joakim Wassberg


Morgan Svedlund


Arttu Malkki

drums (Aeon)

Former Members/Guests

Stefan Dahlberg


Joakim Bylander


Daniel Dlimi

guitars (ex-Aeon)

Melker Ryymin



Images Of Forgotten Memories 
1996 Unisound
  1. Welcome Home...
  2. Necropolis
  3. On the Threshold
  4. The Lord of the Crossroads
  5. Winternight Shadows
  6. N.L.S
  7. The Waiting
  8. Resurrected
  9. Deathwish
  10. The Dance of the Dead
  11. The Arrival (on All Hallows eve)
  • Fredrik Wallin
  • Stefan Dahlberg
  • Melker Ryymin

Fruits And Flowers Of The Spectral Garden 
1997 Unisound
  1. Intro: the Gathering
  2. The Ogre Lord
  3. The Golem
  4. The Witches Rune
  5. Thanatos
  6. Nightstalker
  7. I.M.A
  8. Stigmata
  9. Spectral Garden
  10. Sombre Angel
  11. Where Roses Never Die
  12. Outro: the Withering
  • Fredrik Wallin
  • Joakim Bylander
  • Melker Ryymin

Where Angels Dare Not Tread 
2002 Virusworx
  1. for the Scarecrow
  2. the Endless
  3. the Night of the Dreamer
  4. Plaguebringer
  5. the Nameless City
  6. the Lake
  7. the Tower
  8. My Endless Funeral
  9. Psyche
  10. the Temple of the Worms / Tombworld
  • Fredrik Wallin
  • Joakim Bylander
  • Daniel Dlimi
  • Melker Ryymin

Reviews:   Chronicles Of Chaos 

Fragments Of Lust & Decay 
2007 Burning Star
  1. The Wrath of Angels
  2. The Boy Who Dances with Ghosts
  3. The Needle Twins
  4. Opus Umbrarum
  5. Necropolis (Revisited)
  6. The Ravens Flies
  7. The Invisible
  8. Stigmata MMVII
  9. Until the Light of Day
  10. No Life
  • Fredrik Wallin
  • Joakim Wassberg
  • Morgan Svedlund
  • Arttu Malkki

(EP) The End Of Days 
  1. The End of Days
  2. Gothic Lullaby
  3. Anarchos
  4. The Way of the Serpent
  5. The Gallows Lord
  • Fredrik Wallin
  • Joakim Wassberg
  • Morgan Svedlund
  • Arttu Malkki


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